Monster Hunter Rise

Which weapon to choose to start Monster Hunter Rise

Finding the right weapon is the key to enjoying Monster Hunter Rise! It's the weapon you'll use to fight the Big Monsters and it dictates your gameplay. This episode features no less than 14 different weapon types, each offering a radically different gameplay experience. Whether you're into hand-to-hand, high damage, ranged, swordplay or ammo shots, you'll find something to suit you!

To find the right one for you, it is important to understand how they are used and what their strengths and weaknesses are. In this guide you will find all the essential information about all the weapons in the game.

The different weapons in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise: ArcArcMonster Hunter Rise: Hunting HornHunting hornMonster Hunter Rise: Sword and ShieldSword and ShieldMonster Hunter Rise: LongswordLong Sword
Monster Hunter Rise: Great Sword Big SwordMonster Hunter Rise: Lightweight RocketLight FusarbaletMonster Hunter Rise: Heavyweight RocketHeavy FusarbaletMonster Hunter Rise: InsectoglaiveInsectoglaive
Monster Hunter Rise: Double BladesDouble BladesMonster Hunter Rise: LanceLanceMonster Hunter Rise: LancecanonLancecanonMonster Hunter Rise: HammerHammer
 Monster Hunter Rise: Morpho-AxeMorpho-AxeMonster Hunter Rise: Volto-AxeVolto-Hache 

The Arc

The benefitsThe disadvantages
High mobility in movement
Powerful weapon if well mastered
Offers the possibility of striking with different elements
Imposes exemplary precision
Forced endurance management

If you're more of a ranged player, and not a go-getter who hits everything in sight, the Bow may be of interest to you. This weapon is designed for mid-range combat, which allows you to avoid the majority of monster attacks, especially in multiplayer, while being able to significantly reduce their hit points. It offers a variety of gameplay: you can charge your attacks, drop a flurry of arrows or send them in a flurry, and even attack hand-to-hand with an arrow in hand if necessary.

In Rise, the archer is also a support to his team. Depending on the bow he equips, he will be able to perform bell shots with varying effects. For example, you can create an area that gives a damage bonus to all your allies, or heal several people at the same time. On the offensive side, arrows can be covered with coatings with different properties. This will allow you to adapt to the monster, to put it to sleep, paralyse it or poison it, and thus facilitate your allies' attacks.

The bow takes practice and precision. If you can master it, you will also be able to inflict colossal damage on enemies, especially with the Dragon Drill attack. All in all, a beginner will be able to enjoy a versatile, impactful and fun to play weapon!

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The Hunting Horn

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Very good damage
Adding buffs to allies
Not very accurate
Quite slow

The Hunting Horn is undoubtedly one of the most effective weapons in this game. If you're a support player at heart, pick it up and shine on the field. The Horn works through melodies, which provide variable buffs to your entire team, depending on the sequence of hits and notes. Moreover, you don't even have to touch the Monster to activate the bonuses, so all your attacks will have a positive effect on your team.

Nevertheless, to be a worthy support, you will need to understand and master the different chants that your Hunting Horn offers, to know when and how to use them. As the chants differ from weapon to weapon, you will be able to change your gameplay regularly and enjoy a new gameplay experience.

It is therefore a complex weapon that requires you to manage both combat and support, while knowing different melodies. We do not recommend it for a beginner of the franchise.

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The Sword and Shield

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Very high mobility
Speed of attack
Many combos
Low damage
Damage taken even with the shield

The Sword & Shield combo (commonly abbreviated to SnS) is probably the easiest to use when you're a brand new Monster Hunter player. Sure, you won't see a lot of big damage numbers on screen, but you'll have unparalleled versatility while still being able to move around freely.

When playing SnS, you can leap, dodge, parry, protect yourself with your shield or use items, all without having to holster your weapon. Being able to consume potions without having to holster your weapon is a huge plus.

It is a weapon based on learning combos and requires a good reactivity to change your combo on the fly according to the opponent's movements and attacks. The shield does not protect you from all damage, but it does provide a good safety. You can also hit with it to stun opponents.

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The Long Sword

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Powerful and fast
Movement mobility
Very interesting aerial attacks
Long extension
Requires good accuracy
Undoing an attack is not possible
Requires frequent sharpening

The Longsword is a versatile weapon. One of the major difficulties lies in sharpening. Since it is a fragile blade, it will be necessary to sharpen it often. This can be a little difficult to manage in the middle of a fight, and imposes particular timings.

This weapon requires great precision to perform combos. It essentially works on different charge levels, to inflict more and more damage to the Monsters you fight. So you'll need to learn the basics of charging the blade and getting the bonus effects, at the risk of being pretty useless on the hunting ground in the meantime. On the other hand, if you want to be even more impactful, you'll need to understand how to perform counter-attacks to take advantage of the extra damage bonuses.

With the multitude of combos it offers, the longsword wearer will never have to deal with boring gameplay. It will be powerful enough for those who want to do damage, but would not find happiness in the Hammer. All in all, it is an interesting and enjoyable weapon.

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The Great Sword

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Inflicts colossal damage
No combos to master
Long range
Efficient for cutting
Very slow
Very limited mobility
Regular sharpening required
Difficult to handle

This blade may not be ideal for a beginner, but you can always try it to see if it interests you. Overall, the Greatsword isn't that complex, as it doesn't have combos like the Long Sword: you hit hard, from more or less far, and that's it. A small plus for this weapon, since it is very imposing, you can use it as a shield.

Nevertheless, the most important damage is done thanks to a charge of the attacks. This is the difficulty of the weapon. Since it is very heavy, you are slow. You must therefore plan your charging phases very precisely, to be sure to hit the monster when it is finished. A beginner will be able to hit monsters, but may not have the knowledge of their patterns to be really useful in a team. In solo, it is almost suicidal.

The Big Sword will be more useful once you know how the game works. It will be even more useful, and necessary, to collect certain materials that require you to cut off parts of monsters such as the tail or head. In this respect, it is the best weapon.

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The Light Fusarbalet

The benefitsThe disadvantages
High mobility
Shooting from a distance
Adaptability of the weapon
Possibility of inflicting alterations
Requires a substantial stock of ammunition
Hard to crack

The Lightweight Fusarbalet is not necessarily the number one choice to start with. However, if you are playing in a group, it is a viable option. This firearm allows you to shoot from a really long distance and therefore to be safe. On top of that, it allows you to dodge attacks while still shooting, unlike the bow.

To be useful, the Fusarbalet requires a certain amount of preparation before a fight: you have to choose the sight, the ammunition and other elements; which is not the case with a sword. The interest is to create a balanced weapon, which is more or less handy and does more or less damage, depending on the monster to be fought. This means that you need to know how the monster works, but also its weaknesses.

As a Crossbowman, you are a support. This weapon offers the possibility of equipping different types of ammunition, to do damage in one element or another, but also to inflict alterations to the Monsters. You can poison them as well as stun them, thus making the work of the rest of the team easier. Your work doesn't stop at shooting, as you can also plant mines in the ground with certain ammunition. All your team has to do is lure the Monster into your traps!

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The Heavy Fusarbalet

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Shooting from a distance
Inflicts very high damage
Very limited mobility
Requires a large stock of ammunition
Requires good aiming
Hard to crack

The advanced and even more offensive version of the Lightweight Rocket: the Heavy Fusarbalet. This is a real "big gun". It's a pretty fun weapon to play with, but it requires a bit of practice. Because of its slow speed, it works much better in multiplayer, where the aggro of the monsters is divided in 4.

The reduction in mobility is largely compensated for by the presence of heavy ammunition which allows you to hit very hard. As with the light version, it is possible to use ammunition associated with an element in order to best adapt to the monster being fought. Also, with special ammunition, you can even turn it into a real machine gun that shoots one shot after another!

Since you are quite vulnerable, this weapon requires you to anticipate enemy attacks to dodge. To improve your defensive potential, you can also upgrade your rifle by adding a shield to the front.

Here again, you are a support. In particular, you can destroy the hard parts of monsters, such as horns or shells, to make life easier for hand-to-hand combatants. In short, you are a combat facilitator! If mastered perfectly, the Heavy Crossbow is a must-have in the team.

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The Insectoglaive

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Very good aerial attacks
Very high mobility
Attack speed
Complexity of handling
Buffs less interesting than the Hunting Horn

TheInsectoglaive is, without a doubt, a unique gameplay weapon in Monster Hunter Rise. It is a sort of mix between the Long Sword and the Hunting Horn. It doesn't inflict much damage and is rather complex to handle. It also requires a good command of its combos to get the most out of it. As you can see, as a beginner, it is not ideal.

Just like with the Hunting Horn, you can get buffs, but unlike the Hunting Horn, these are only benefits for your character, not for the whole team. The Insectoglaive works thanks to an insect connected to the blade. This insect is able to collect stats from monsters to boost your attacks and reduce theirs. In addition to this, the insects can inflict alterations such as poisoning. Other than that, you'll have to hit the monster much like you would with a Longsword, but with a more aerial gameplay.

Finally, you either like it or you don't like it at all. You can test it, to see if you want to invest in it or not. If you are already looking to be a good support, turn to the Hunting Horn.

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The Double Blades

The benefitsThe disadvantages
High attack speed
Very good damage
Multitude of combos
Crucial endurance management
Very limited scope
Requires mastery of combos

Looking for mobility, damage and incredible combos? Then you'll definitely find what you're looking for with Double Blades. Overall, the feel of the game is similar to that of the Sword and Shield, except that instead of the Shield, you have a second blade in your hand.

Since you don't have any means of defence with the Double Blades, and you have to play hand-to-hand, you will have to be very good at dodging. This will require you to anticipate the monster's attacks perfectly.

If you have mastered this aspect of the weapon, all that remains is to learn the essential combos to do damage. This point requires you to be extra careful with the stamina bar, as the entire playstyle of the weapon depends on it. In addition, to maximise your damage, and to best adapt to the monster you are fighting, you can create two different blades of elements, and thus benefit from even more bonuses.

This weapon will easily suit a new player, but will require a lot of training to become really impactful and effective.

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The Lance

The benefitsThe disadvantages
High range
Important defence
Easy to handle
A little slow
Request for a master's degree

Like a knight of the Middle Ages during a joust on horseback, confront the Monsters with an imposing Shield and a large Lance. The gameplay is not very complicated to understand: the Spear is essentially based on alternating blows, dodges and protection phases with the Shield. To be really effective, this weapon requires you to fight in close quarters.

This is the ideal arsenal if you enjoy the role of a tank; ideal for beginners. They can stay safely behind the shield and only attack when the coast is clear. This way of playing the Spear is not very effective, however, it simply reassures the player and ensures victory.

A good spearman knows how to master combos and only defends at the last moment to optimise his attack timings. The best ones even know how to use counter attacks to gain huge buffs and cause heavy damage to a monster. If you take the time to tame it, the Spear is a very useful and powerful weapon, if not flashy.

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The Cannonball

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Very good defence
Unlimited ammunition
High range
Inflicts heavy damage
Restricted mobility
Slow attack speed
Frequent downtime

After the Lance, here is the Lancecanon. As the name suggests, this is a spear with a huge shell cannon. In addition to this formidable offensive combo, you have a shield in the other hand to parry enemy blows. This offensive version of the Spear is rather slow, but does heavy damage. You don't have to be a Monster Hunter expert to play it. A beginner can quickly have fun if he understands how it works and knows how to reload it.

The Cannonballer can take advantage of several large attacks, such as the devastating Wyvern Fire blast. To take advantage of the full power of this weapon, the ideal is to manage to plant the cannon directly into the monster in order to explode the ammunition inside it. This manoeuvre requires a good command of combos, but also to play close to the enemy. It is therefore necessary to be very vigilant to the monster's attacks in order to parry them.

Finally, the Lancecanon offers a variable gameplay according to your desires: spear shots, projectile shots or explosions, you will find something to enjoy.

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The Hammer

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Inflicts BIG damage
Effective in breaking or knocking out a monster
Good aerial attacks
It goes PIF and PAF when you type
Slow movements
Very short range
Lack of custody
May affect allies if misused

As a beginner, the Hammer is one of the most recommended weapons. This weapon doesn't really require you to learn an infinite number of combos and is quite simple to pick up. It still requires you to be precise enough to hit your target, and therefore to understand how the monsters attack and move. Using a weapon like the hammer, you may take a few hits at first, but it's the best way to learn how to read your opponent's movements and the timing of attacks or dodges.

The Hammer requires you to play close to the monsters and charge your shots for high damage. If you like to fight and get big numbers, this weapon is ideal. On the other hand, if you're looking to get a resource that involves breaking a part of the monster's body, such as a horn, this is the weapon to choose.

All in all, it's fun and quite simple! Be careful though, if you're rash and don't pay attention to your allies, you could annoy them or even stun them if your attacks hit them too.

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The Morpho-Axe

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Inflicts heavy damage
Multitude of combos available
Ability to slice or break
Not very accurate
Requires control of the load gauge

The Morpho-Axe is a versatile weapon that offers you the possibility to enjoy the speed of an axe and the high damage of a sword. It is therefore an interesting weapon if you want to hit hard, without being a Hammer fan. It will suit you even more if you want to have a lot of combos to spice up the gameplay.

The transformation of the Morpho-Axe is infinite and allows for infinite combos integrating the two types of weapons. The difficulty lies in managing the stamina gauge in Sword mode. Furthermore, this weapon requires a good understanding of when to use the Sword or the Axe, and therefore a good knowledge of the attacks of the Monsters being fought.

As a newbie to Monster Hunter Rise, this may not be the best choice. Plus, the Morpho-Axe takes up a lot of space on the battlefield, which can quickly handicap your team if you don't really know what you're doing.

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The Volto-Hache

The benefitsThe disadvantages
Inflicts very high damage
Provides a good defence
Ability to slice or break
Multitude of combos
Requires a perfect command of combos
Rather slow animations
Requires a good understanding of the vials

The Volto-Axe is a mix between a fast Sword and Shield and a slow two-handed Axe. During the same fight, you will have the possibility, and the obligation, to use these two forms to take advantage of the full potential of this weapon and maximize the damage.

It hits hard, it allows you to defend yourself, it is rather fun to play, but it is particularly complex to master. It is a weapon that can overheat, and requires the management and use of vials between the two types of weapons to increase damage.

If you are the type of person who doesn't want to think too hard or learn combos, you should consider another weapon, especially for beginners. On the other hand, if you enjoy the challenge of mastering a complex weapon, the Volto-axe should appeal to you. It offers a complete playstyle, with many possibilities of action against monsters. From near and far, you can always do something useful.

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By now you're familiar with all the weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. The Bow, the Hammer, the Sword and its Shield, the Double Blades, the Long Sword or the Hunting Horn, beginners, you have the choice to start well! Now, all you have to do is try them out in game to see which one suits your style best.