Monster Hunter Rise

Getting started in Monster Hunter Rise

It's never too late to join the world of Monster Hunter Rise. Baited by epic battles and an adventure full of twists and turns, you've decided to take the plunge, and we understand you! If your search has brought you this far, it's because you want to be a successful beginner. With this in mind, we have prepared some advice for you to get started.

Choosing your weapon

Monster Hunter Rise Arc

As in all the other games, you go on a hunt for monsters. And when you hunt, you need equipment! Whether you're into hand-to-hand combat, high damage, ranged play, swordplay or ammunition fire, you'll find something to suit your needs. This opus offers you 14 different weapons These include the Bow, the Hunting Horn, the Sword and Shield, the Long Sword, the Greatsword, the Light and Lightning Fusarbalet, the Insectoglaive, the Double Blades, the Lance, the Lancecanon, the Hammer, the Morpho-Axe and finally the Volto-Axe.

Each has its own particularities and offers a different playing experience. Some, such as the Sword and Shield or the Bow, are best for beginners, while others should be avoided. If you need more information, please refer to our guide Which weapon should I choose to start Monster Hunter Rise?

Getting to know the filopter?

Whether you're new to the game or have hours of experience playing an older Monster Hunter, it's important to understand what Filoptera are. A new addition to this episode, Filoptera are insects, attached to a wire, that give you a new form of movement.

A real hunter's tool, the filopter brings more verticality and aerial movement in Monster Hunter. It will be useful in combat as well as in your general movements. You can propel yourself on the ground or in the air to reposition yourself or dodge an attack. In case you miss the dodge, you can always make up for it with the Filochute, one of the useful techniques of these insects. By running straight into a wall, and activating the filochute propulsion, you can run up the wall, saving you a lot of time or reaching hard to reach areas.

These little flying insects also add novelty to the combat. In this Monster Hunter, your character can perform Silk Link attacks, which are performed using the filopters. For example, a katana-wielding character can deliver a powerful kick called Roaring Kick.

To take advantage of these benefits, you will need to consume a filopter charge. You can have from 1 to 3 of them with you. Don't worry, they recharge automatically.

Monster Hunter Rise: The Wire

Getting to know the Big Monsters

Throughout your Monster Hunter Rise adventure, you'll be battling against what are known as Big Monsters. These are the bosses of the game and your main enemies. Knowing how to play Monster Hunter is knowing how to hunt these Big Monsters!

You will have to fight them to progress in the story, unlock new monsters and collect materials. These materials allow you to make equipment that will allow you to hunt more powerful monsters and so on.

When you are new to the game, don't rush into it. Observe the movements, attacks and behaviour of these creatures. It is important to understand the timing of dodging and attacking. Survival is more important than doing damage, as 3 deaths is enough for the mission to fail.

To find out more about these creatures, strategies for defeating them, their weaknesses and the materials they bring, you can refer to our list of Big Monsters where each monster has its own detailed sheet.

Understanding capture

When you go hunting for monsters, there are two possible endings. In the first case, you finish off the enemy and collect resources from its corpse. In the second case, you capture them. Capturing monsters is an integral part of the Monster Hunter universe. In fact, some missions will require you to capture a Rathian or an Aknosom for example.

You then have no choice but to know how the capture works. The main difficulty is that there is no hit point bar above the monsters' heads. To capture a creature, you need to weaken it sufficiently without killing it. Don't worry, the capture process has been made much easier in Monster Hunter Rise, thanks to several clues! Also, for this kind of mission, you need to be well prepared. You need traps and tranquilizer bombs. These elements are essential and will allow you to validate, or not, your capture.

Capture is not simply there to add a second ending to the fighting. This is a necessity when you are looking to manufacture certain equipment. By skinning the Monster, you get resources, but by capturing it, you get more. So think about that when you're looking for a particular resource!

To go into more detail about the capture process, visit our guide How do I capture a Monster in Monster Hunter Rise?

Pick up anything you find

If the Monster Hunter saga is easily associated with Monster fights, which is understandable, one should not forget the important part attributed to the resource farm. Whether it's herbs, minerals, pelts, carcasses, or insects for example, you will always need to collect this or that item. Resources are essential for the manufacture of weaponsYou can buy potions, traps and armour for yourself or your companions.

Resources - Collect everything you find

When you go hunting, it's important to take everything you can find, all the herbs, insects and resources you can get from the Little Monsters. This is essential, especially at the beginning, as you are limited in Zennys and cannot afford to spend money unnecessarily. Especially since the resources collected will always have a use in the future.

When you complete a hunt by killing the Monster, you will be entitled to 60 extra seconds on the fieldbefore the quest completion screen appears. Take advantage of this time to collect other resources. In any case, you have to wait until the end of the timer, so you might as well make the most of your time! Also, you can take with you a Palico of the Thief class, with the Thieving talent. He will automatically collect resources from the monsters you fight.

If you need very large amounts of particular resources, you can go on an expedition, rather than a hunt. In the latter, you are limited by time, which is not the case in expedition. You have plenty of time to explore and collect items. Keep your eyes open, some areas are hidden. If you find them, you may find rare resources.

Do the optional quests

In order to further optimise your hunts, expeditions and other missions, consider taking optional sub-quests. These are free missionsThey are available in the village of Kamura and in Grand-Camp. They are available in the village of Kamura, but also in Grand-Camp.

You can select up to 5 of them, for example you will be asked to collect a certain number of plants, or to kill 10 small monsters or to break the tail of the main monster. Please note that these sub-quests have no influence on the success of a mission. If you activate them, but do not complete them, you can still successfully complete your hunt.

These additional quests are very interesting, becausethey are rather simpleand that they provide free resources. In addition, they allow you to collect armour spheresThese are essential elements to develop your armour pieces.

Save your cash

This is a short but simple tip! While it may be tempting to buy new equipment every time you have Zennys in stock, it is a bad habit when you are just starting out. Only buy what you need and don't upgrade your basic equipment. Save your money for the rest of your adventure. It will be much more relevant to upgrade the armour you decide to keep for a little while.

To find out how to build up a cash reserve quickly, see our guide to Zennys farm.

A good hunter has a full stomach

Like all Monster Hunter games, Rise features a canteen. This area is of paramount importance, and too often overlooked by new players.

Before each new mission you should always visit YomogiKamura's true cordon bleu, and its sous-chefs. She offers meals in the form of "Dango-lapin", a kind of skewer made of 3 different ingredients. Its food makes quests easier as it increases your stamina and vitality for the next mission.

In addition to this, each ingredient offers a talent. For example, some ingredients give the Doctor+ talent, which increases the amount of life restored via healing items, while others offer antifreeze, which slightly increases resistance to ice.

The choice of Dangos depends on several parameters, notably the weapon you are using or the Monster you are going to fight. For a useful meal in all circumstancesThe following ingredients are preferred:

  • Chateigneux (or Super Chateigneux) - Defender (or Defender+): Sometimes (or often) reduces the damage taken.
  • Medicinal (or Analeptic) - Doctor (or Doctor+): Gives a small (or large) boost to the healing effects of healing items.
  • Mini-Mint - Booster: Temporarily boosts your attack and defence at the start of a quest (one-time use).
Dangos - Remember to eat!

Now all you have to do is play and discover all the secrets of Kamura. Make sure you take your time and take things step by step, or you'll ruin your game experience. If you plan to continue exploring with the Sunbreak extension or you want to know more about the hunter rankSo take a look at our different guides!