Monster Hunter Rise

Farming Zennys in Monster Hunter Rise

To be a good hunter in Monster Hunter RiseYou have to equip yourself with material. And good equipment... is expensive! In order to optimize your armor pieces or craft weapons, you'll have to spend a lot of Zennys. So how can you avoid running out of money?

There are two main ways to earn money. One is for making a few tens of thousands of zennys quickly and easily, the other is for those who need to make a LOT of money.

Some quick and easy Zennys

As we have just seen, mining is a particularly efficient and profitable method, but it can be tedious and difficult to master. For those of you who would like to get some Zennys back more easily, here are some quick and easy tips.

Sell your useless items to get Zennys easily

When you go hunting, you will naturally pick up a multitude of resources, including parts of Monsters. Depending on your play style and the armour you plan to use, you may not need certain pieces. For example, Rathalos' wings sell for 2,600z each. Instead of keeping them at the bottom of your chest, sell them on the market, that's a few Zennys taken and easy!

Another possibility is to involve Rondine, the merchant and the Argosy. After each quest, visit her; she may have a treasure to offer you. Depending on the items you collect, you can sell them for a good price. Furthermore, it is possible to buy items with Kamura points in the Argosy, in rare cases you will find very rare crystals that sell for a high pricelike the Minegardenite, which sells for 20,000z each.

Other 'useless' items that can bring you a lot of money include the Silver and Golden Eggs. Obtaining them is random. To get them, go to Owl's nest after each of your hunts. The bird brings you free gifts, you just have to collect them. With a little luck, you can find these famous eggs. Since they have no other use than selling them, treat yourself: they are worth 10 000z and 20 000z units !

Golden Eggs - Monster Hunter Rise

Real wealth: hunting for minerals!

If your coffers are empty or you need a lot of money fast, the best way to get rich in Monster Hunter Rise involves collecting minerals. To be relevant and effective, the following method requires that you have the Expert rank If not, you will not find the most valuable and interesting minerals. As a beginner, you should not have an urgent need to collect gold anyway. Good management of your wallet should be more than enough.

Your objective will be to repeatedly pick up mineral deposits to accumulate loot, in order to sell it. With a little learning, you can can easily reach over 200,000 Zennys in 15 minutes about.

How to equip and prepare yourself?

Monster Hunter Rise: Leather Armor - Geology 3

It is important, and even necessary, to be well equipped to start a mineral farming session. You must wear armour that gives you Geology 3 talent ; it is also possible to craft and equip 3 geological gems. The leather armour set is a quick way to get the talent to the maximum level. You can create a preset for the farm to save time next time.

This talent is very useful as at level 3 it confers "Mining deposit +1" which increases the rewards of mineral deposits. In the case of our farm session, this is a must.

Before you leave, you can visit the kitchen of the chef Yomogi. Check the ingredients. If the Dango Gardener is available, go for it. It offers you a bonus that reduces the reappearance time of harvest points, including deposits.

Also take a chumsky with you, it will be particularly useful for moving quickly around the map. For the second Pilpoil, prefer a Palico ChapardeurHe will probably find some bonus minerals during the session, so he can make some more profit!

The best area for farming

Now that you know the general idea and the equipment you need, let's look at the map you need to get to. The Lava Caverns will be the perfect location to find good minerals.

Lava Caves - Monster Hunter Rise

At the Expert level, in the deposits, you can obtain Fire Stones, Lava Stones, Earth Crystals, Carbalites, Dragonites, Machalites and Fuciums. In view of the number of resources displayed on the mini-map, we advise you to filter items to show only Mineral Deposits This will make your job much easier.

To farm effectively, you must start in Expedition mode from the Great Camp. Then look for the Lava Caverns. Here you must be aware of the bonuses on the map. You absolutely must the words "Bonus: minerals. Without this, you won't have enough deposits to be profitable. Thanks to this bonus, for each mined item, you will receive 3 copies, instead of one. Overall, you should receive between 9 and 12 minerals per deposit.

Example of a mining deposit in Monster Hunter Rise
Mining deposits to obtain minerals such as fucium

If you can't find the Lava Caverns, you can do another mission quickly to refresh the expedition list. In case the bonus is missing, you can always look for another map that has it, do the expedition, and then come back to the Lava Caverns in the next session.

Mining points in Lava Caverns

Knowing that the "Ore" bonus only lasts 10 minutes, and that the most optimized route to go around the different mining points takes about 4 minutes, you will have the possibility to do the course twice. This should allow you to accumulate a good amount of minerals (when the bonus is finished, a message will appear on your screen). The route may take some practice, and several attempts to become profitable. You need to memorise the path as much as possible to avoid wasting time.

Because of the limit of 99 units per type of item in your bag, remember to return to the tent to empty your loot before setting off on the second leg. In the same vein, empty your bag before you go out farmer, and keep only the bare essentials.

Farmer des zennys - Minerals - Lava Caverns - 1
Farmer des zennys - Minerals - Lava Caverns - 2
Farmer des zennys - Minerals - Lava Caverns - 3
Farmer des zennys - Minerals - Lava Caverns - 4

The sale of minerals

As soon as the bonus change message is visible, it's time to return to Kamura and fill your pockets. Head to your vault and sell what you have collected. You don't have to part with all the ores; you can keep some if one of your future crafts requires them.

Here are the unit selling prices of the ores available in the Lava Caverns:

  • Fire stone: 860z
  • Lava stone (Expert): 1720z
  • Earth Crystal: 80z
  • Iron Ore (Novice): 60z
  • Carbalite (Expert): 680z
  • Dragonite: 480z
  • Machalite: 160z
  • Fucium (Expert): 1020z

By successfully completing two rounds of all the deposits available on the map, you should accumulate enough minerals to obtain between 200,000 and 500,000 Zennys in less than 15 minutes. It all depends on the minerals recovered.

The wealth is now within reach! All you have to do is get started and keep going. Within a few hours, you should have enough Zennys to avoid having to farm for a while. With the arrival of the Sunbreak extensionIf you have a reserve, it can be useful to build up a reserve so that you can afford new content quickly.