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Anomaly Quests and the Monster Hunter Sunbreak AR

Once the additional campaign is over, there are still many challenges to overcome in Monster Hunter Sunbreak. Among them, the anomaly queries are perhaps the most difficult, but they are essential to get the best weapons in the game.

What are anomaly quests?

These are quests where players face monsters infected by the Qurios of Malzeno, so they are called afflicted monsters. They are recognisable by their reddish tint and the bright red and pink glitter floating around them. These monsters are much more powerful and resistant than their classic versions, like the Advanced quests in Monster Hunter Rise.

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When an afflicted monster hits you, you suffer a debuff comparable to that of the Malzeno. The effectiveness of your care is halved and you can only get rid of this affliction by inflicting great damage on the person who inflicted it.

Anomalous monsters can enter a higher level of rage where they become completely red and even more fearsome. In this state, parts of their bodies may glow a fiery red. Hitting these parts can cause the Qurios to explode and cause very heavy damage to the monsters.

If the players do not hit these weak points, the Qurios will explode on its own and it is the player who will suffer damage in a very large area around the monster. This explosion hurts a lot and it inevitably stuns those who survive it. You might as well say that when you're stunned and after taking a lot of damage, the buffet is served for the monster who can easily finish you off.

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How to access the anomaly quests?

In order to access the anomaly quests, you will need to reach Master Rank 10 (MR 10). This rank can only be reached after completing the main quest and killing the Gaismagorm. Continue to complete Master Quests to increase your RM. At RM 10, you will unlock an urgent quest to kill an Arzuros Anomaly. Your rank will be frozen until you successfully kill it.

Once the urgent quest is completed, you will get a new rank, Anomaly Rank (AR). It determines the level of the anomaly quests you can complete. For the moment, it is only at RA 4 maximum.

Your AR increases by completing anomaly quests, but also by continuing to progress through the various Master Rank levels.

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Which monsters exist in the anomaly version?

Not all monsters have anomaly versions, at least not yet. Please note that you can only face monsters in the Anomaly Quest that you have already defeated at least once at Master Rank. There can only be one afflicted monster per quest.

The monsters available in anomaly quests are the following:

What are the rewards for the anomaly quests?

The anomaly quests are interesting because they make the monsters in the first half of the game still quite powerful despite your endgame equipment. They make for some interesting challenges... but if that's not enough for you, there's also a little carrot.

All afflicted monsters report at least one specific afflicted object. These afflicted objects are needed to create the ultimate versions of all the weapons in the game. You won't need any other items than these afflicted items, which means you won't need to farm a monster again.

Monster Hunter Sunbreak's ultimate weapons

In addition to the afflicted items, you will also receive some rather rare items, such as wyvern eggs which can be sold to get 100,000z in one go. You will get the best armour spheres in quantity and very useful objects for the fusion of charms.