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How to quickly build up your MR (master rank) in Monster Hunter Sunbreak?

In Monster Hunter RiseThe difficulty of the monsters stopped at the Expert level. In this rank, you would engage in battles that were already interesting, but quickly mastered with experience. The expansion Sunbreak brings more challenge to the more experienced hunters with the Master rank. We explain how to unlock this new difficulty and the most efficient way to gain levels.

What is the Master Rank?

Hunter Rank, abbreviated RC in-game, represents your progress in Monster Hunter Rise, but also the investment you put into the game. The Master Rank (MR) acts in the same way, but for content that is new to Monster Hunter Sunbreak. These are two independent rows.

The Master rank is quite distinct from the Hunter rank.

While the CR represents your overall level in all of Monster Hunter Rise, including the expansion, the Master Rank represents your level in Master difficulty quests. So doing an Expert quest increases your RC, but not your MR, while doing a a Master quest increases your MR, but also your RC.

As you increase your MR, you will be able to take on more and more powerful monsters, but more on that later.

Unlocking the Master Rank

Hermitaur Daimyo

To reach the Master rank, you must first Complete the main story of Monster Hunter Rise by completing the Novice and Expert difficulty quests.

To find out more about the novice and expert ranks, please refer to our dedicated guide Quickly build your RC in Monster Hunter Rise.

When this is done, you can simply continue the adventure. The game will then prompt you to complete the mission "Unwanted guest - Hunting a Hermitaur Daimyo. Once you have completed this mission, you will be taken to the Elgado outpost to meet Admiral Galleus. Once the cinematic is over, you will get the Master rank and the associated 1-star quests.

To continue unlocking content in Monster Hunter Sunbreak, continue to complete quests at the highest star rating you have.

Easily earn RM

Climbing the Master rank is of paramount importance if you want to enjoy all the content Sunbreak has to offer. By reaching the RM10and after completing a new urgent quest, you will unlock Anomaly quests and the monsters contaminated by the Qurios.

In Rise, you could rely on Calamity quests to gain experience. In Sunbreak, however, they won't be able to help you improve your MR... simply because there are none left! It is therefore necessary to find another source of experience. Don't worry though, there are two very effective methods.

The Great Camp Quests of the Master Rank

There's no secret about it, if you want to build up your MR, you'll have to roll up your sleeves and fight a lot. To do this, there is nothing better than The Great Camp Quests. Choose those with 6 stars or more.

The most interesting of these being Uncontrolled devastation. It is different from other quests in that it is done in the Arena, so you don't have to search for monsters and you save a lot of time. In teams, the quest can be completed in about 10-15 minutes. However, we do not recommend doing it alone. Depending on your current level, this quest will earn you between 1 and 2 RM.

The Anomaly Quests

In addition to the Great Camp Quests, you can enjoy the Anomaly quests. Because of their difficulty, it is best to be well prepared and know the monsters you are going to face inside out. If you take them lightly, you risk getting lost and you won't progress.

Monster Hunter Sunbreak Anomaly Quests
Monster Hunter Sunbreak Anomaly Quests

Now that you have all the information you need to easily increase your Master rank, all you have to do is pick up your weapon and prepare for battle!