Monster Hunter Rise

Magnamalo - Monster Hunter Rise (Materials, Weaknesses and Strategies)

The terrible Magnamalo is the standard-bearer for Monster Hunter Rise and he's not here to pass the feather duster. In this guide you will be introduced to his attacks, his weaknesses, and the novice and expert materials he can bring back to forge weapons and armour.


Big Monster: Magnamalo

Species : Crooked wyvern
Element : None
Threat: 7 stars

Weaknesses of the Magnamalo

 MH Rise - Weakness: SharpMH Rise - Weakness: hammerMH Rise - Weakness: piercingMH Rise - Weakness: FireMH Rise - Weakness: WaterMH Rise - Weakness: LightningMH Rise - Weakness: IceMH Rise - Weakness: Dragon
Front leg3838200201550
Paw blade4545450101050
Rear leg3838200252050

How to beat the Magnamalo

The Magnamalo is Monster Hunter Rise's first true wall of difficulty for series regulars. It has many different and powerful attacks that can be difficult to learn and dodge.

This very tough monster fights mainly by using explosive purple gas that it releases from many parts of its body. The gas does not do any damage on contact, but inflicts a state alteration on the player that can only be cured by projecting once with the filopter or by rolling 5 times. Once the gas is dispersed, it can explode at any time.

The Magnamalo has two alternative states which can be combined. There is the enraged state, recognizable by its spikes that bristle, and the overloaded state, recognizable by the purple flames that escape from its entire body. When enraged, the Magnamalo is faster and hits harder. When he is overloaded, his attacks leave behind sparks of purple gas that can explode and do great damage. If these sparks turn red, they are about to explode.

Against the Magnamalo, pay particular attention to its tail and its two front legs.

Let's talk about his tail first. When it raises its tail, it will probably try to use it as a spear and impale the player in front of it. If the tail wags and starts to flare, it will spread sparks around it. Note that it is sometimes better to run towards the monster to escape these explosions. If the Magnamalo raises its tail and walks slowly while looking at you at an angle, it will fire an explosive laser from its tail. Unlike sparks, the damage is instantaneous so be careful.

The front paws allow you to know the movements of the Magnamalo. If it only raises one paw, it will try to slash you with the large blade that protrudes from it. Do not underestimate the power and range of this attack. It is better to roll towards the other front paw to dodge the attack, even if it means you end up under the monster's mouth. If the Magnamalo flexes its two front legs, it will probably charge and pounce on you. It can either jump at your throat or try to crush you with its spiky back.

It will happen that an enraged and overloaded Magnamalo will start to run away from the screen very quickly. Be careful, it's not that he's leaving the area, but that he's preparing a fearsome leaping attack where he'll fall on you like a comet, exploding in a very large area. Try to target it so that you don't lose sight of it at that moment and make an emergency leap in the opposite direction to the monster to be invulnerable for the duration of the attack.

To defeat the Magnamalo, you will need to focus on its head and the blades on its legs. We advise you to destroy these blades first as they are the most difficult to dodge. Destroying a blade also throws the Magnamalo to the ground for a while, giving you a very large window of time to do damage.

Sometimes specific parts of the Magnamalo's body seem to release gas. If you can cause an explosion or do enough damage there, the gas will explode in the body of the monster which will take a lot of damage.

The materials of the Magnamalo

By fighting a monster, you can get different items and materials for making armour or weapons which we have listed in the following table. This is how the table works:

  • Target - Represents your chance to get this material by completing a quest that involves this monster.
  • Capture - Your chance to get this material at the end of the quest by capturing this monster, even if it was not the target of the quest.
  • Damage - Your chance to get this extra material by completing a quest that involves this monster, if you damage it in a specific place.
  • Skinning - Your chances of obtaining this material by skinning the carcass or broken/severed element of the target.
  • Recovered - Your chance to make this material fall to the ground by injuring the monster, throwing it against a wall, or making it fight another monster.

Novice Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Magnamalo Scale17%--20%36%31%
Magnamalo shell29%37%--21%26%
Magnamalo blade21%--80%16%--
Magnamalo Skullcap7%19%80%--8%
Magnamalo Tail8%15%--80%--
Magnamalo Prism16%--20%26%35%
Magnamalo plate2%3%3%1%1%
Magnamalo horn--26%97%----
Tear of wyvern--------50%

Expert Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Magnamalo scale +18%--20%34%30%
Magnamalo shell +30%35%--20%26%
Magnamalo blade +22%--80%16%--
Magnamalo Skullcap +8%18%80%--8%
Magnamalo Prism16%--20%26%35%
Magnamalo plate5%5%5%5%3%
Orb Magnamalo violet1%3%3%3%1%
Magnamalo horn +--25%92%----
Magnamalo Tail--14%--75%--
Tear of wyvern--------15%
Large wyvern tear--------35%

Master Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Magnamalo shine16%-20%33%30%
Cortex Magnamalo28%35%-20%26%
Suze blade. Magnamalo21%-80%16%-
Carapepa Magnamalo8%18%80%-8%
Magnamalo Tail-Lance6%14%-80%-
Magnamalo Prism +15%-20%25%35%
Orb Mag. violet4%5%5%5%3%
Orbe Magnamalo2%3%3%3%1%
Magnamalo lower horn-25%92%--
Tear wyvern----10%
Large wyvern tear----40%
Distressed fang--20%20%-