Monster Hunter Rise

Lagombi - Monster Hunter Rise (Materials, Weaknesses and Strategies)

This morning a rabbit killed a hunter. It's time to avenge him by facing the Lagombi in Monster Hunter Rise. In this guide, you will be introduced to its attacks, weaknesses, as well as the novice and expert materials it can bring in to forge weapons and armour.


Big Monster : Lagombi

Species : Fanged beast
Element : Ice
Threat: 1 star

Weaknesses of the Lagombi

 MH Rise - Weakness: SharpMH Rise - Weakness: hammerMH Rise - Weakness: piercingMH Rise - Weakness: FireMH Rise - Weakness: WaterMH Rise - Weakness: LightningMH Rise - Weakness: IceMH Rise - Weakness: Dragon
Upper part4444403001500
Front leg303020100500
Abdomen / hind leg353520100500

How to beat the Lagombi

The Lagombi is hardly more intimidating than an Arzuros. Its attacks and weaknesses are however different due to its use of ice and the surrounding snow.

This large rabbit can create snowballs and roll them to increase their size and damage. It can also glide across the ground at high speed to charge you or to spin around on its own. If he puts his four paws on the ground, he will rush forward. If it bends its back legs and puts a front leg on the ground, it will spin.

With its large ears, the Lagombi is extremely vulnerable to sound. Its screams are not loud enough to destabilise you (which makes it very vulnerable for a moment) whereas Sonic Bombs will stun it immediately.

The materials of the Lagombi

By fighting a monster, you can get different items and materials for making armour or weapons which we have listed in the following table. This is how the table works:

  • Target - Represents your chance to get this material by completing a quest that involves this monster.
  • Capture - Your chance to get this material at the end of the quest by capturing this monster, even if it was not the target of the quest.
  • Damage - Your chance to get this extra material by completing a quest that involves this monster, if you damage it in a specific place
  • Skinning - Your chances of obtaining this material by skinning the carcass or broken/severed element of the target.
  • Recovered - Your chance to make this material fall to the ground by injuring the monster, throwing it against a wall, or making it fight another monster.

Novice Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Lagombi skin22%16%20%39%50%
Lagombi breastplate39%37%--30%35%
Claw gl. Lagombi23%16%--24%15%
Os jumbos16%5%--7%--
Lagombi ear--26%80%----
Tear of a beast--------50%

Expert Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Lagombi skin +21%14%12%38%50%
Lagombi breastplate +38%32%--27%35%
Claw gl. Lagombi22%16%--24%15%
Os résistos14%5%--8%--
Beastly Gem5%7%8%3%1%
Lagombi ear +--26%80%----
Tear of a beast--------30%
Big Tear of Beast--------20%

Master Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Lagombi fur21%14%15%36%50%
Lagombi breastplate36%31%-27%35%
Lagombi Frosted Claw25%17%-23%15%
Huge bone15%5%-8%-
Great beastly gem3%3%5%2%1%
Auricle Lagombi-26%80%--
Beastly Gem-6%-4%4%
Tear of a beast----20%
Big tear of a beast----30%
Afflicted bone--20%20%-