Monster Hunter Rise

Kulu-Ya-Ku - Monster Hunter Rise (Materials, Weaknesses and Strategies)

The Kulu-Ya-Ku returns in Monster Hunter RiseAnd he still loves rocks, eggs and smashing them on your head. In this guide, you will be introduced to his attacks, his weaknesses, and the novice and expert materials he can bring back to forge weapons and armour.


Big Monster: Kulu Ya Ku

Species : Raptor wyvern
Element : No
Threat: 2 stars

The weaknesses of Kulu-Ya-Ku

 MH Rise - Weakness: SharpMH Rise - Weakness: hammerMH Rise - Weakness: piercingMH Rise - Weakness: FireMH Rise - Weakness: WaterMH Rise - Weakness: LightningMH Rise - Weakness: IceMH Rise - Weakness: Dragon
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How to beat the Kulu-Ya-Ku

The Kulu-Ya-Ku is a fairly basic monster that will teach you not to always attack from the front. Indeed, it spends most of its time carrying a large rock that acts as a shield against all attacks made on its head, neck or front legs. Your weapons will bounce off the rock, no matter how sharp they are.

You will have two solutions to get around this problem. Either you attack the Kulu-Ya-Ku only from the back and wait for it to throw its rock or break it in an attack, or... you ram like a donkey into the rock until it breaks. Blunt weapons like the hammer will of course be much more effective at this little game.

Sometimes the Kulu-Ya-Ku digs up something other than rocks, like a pot or an egg. These objects do not protect him as well, but increase his damage enormously.

If you have Flash Bombs, you can use them to make him drop his item immediately.

When empty-handed, the Kulu-Ya-Ku is quite fast. It can strike with its beak, claw, paw and tail. It is only when it holds an object that it becomes slower and can only attack in front of it. It is up to you to decide whether you are more comfortable with him with his hands full or not.

The materials of Kulu-Ya-Ku

By fighting a monster, you can get different items and materials for making armour or weapons which we have listed in the following table. This is how the table works:

  • Target - Represents your chance to get this material by completing a quest that involves this monster.
  • Capture - Your chance to get this material at the end of the quest by capturing this monster, even if it was not the target of the quest.
  • Damage - Your chance to get this extra material by completing a quest that involves this monster, if you damage it in a specific place
  • Skinning - Your chances of obtaining this material by skinning the carcass or broken/severed element of the target.
  • Recovered - Your chance to make this material fall to the ground by injuring the monster, throwing it against a wall, or making it fight another monster.

Novice Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Kulu Scale25%22%20%46%60%
Kulu-Ya-Ku skin41%43%20%36%40%
Kulu egret13%23%80%18%15%
Kulu-Ya-Ku spout7%12%80%----
Monster bone (M)14%--------
Tear of wyvern--------50%

Expert Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Kulu Scale +24%22%20%44%60%
Kulu-Ya-Ku skin +41%41%15%35%40%
Kulu egret +13%20%80%18%15%
Kulu-Ya-Ku spout +7%12%80%----
Monster bone +12%--------
Raptor wyvern gem3%5%5%3%1%
Tear of wyvern--------30%
Large wyvern tear--------20%

Master Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Kulu-Ya-Ku shine24%21%20%44%60%
Thick skin Kulu-Ya-Ku41%38%15%35%40%
Great eagle Kulu-Ya-Ku14%19%80%18%15%
Colossal beak8%12%80%--
Os duros10%----
Mythical Bird Gem3%4%5%3%1%
Raptor wyvern gem-6%---
Tear of wyvern----20%
Large wyvern tear----30%
Distressed skin--20%20%-