Monster Hunter Rise

Items and Presets for hunting on Monster Hunter Rise

In Monster Hunter RiseInventory, items and your hunting presets are of paramount importance. When facing a Rathian, you don't want to run out of health points and get slaughtered! If you are a novice hunter, you may not know what to take with you when you go on a mission. Don't panic, we're here to help!

If it is necessary to adapt your hunting inventory to each monster you fight, you can still use a functional preset in all situations. In order to cover all eventualities, here is what we advise you to take with you:

Example of a hunting inventory

Essential care items

The top of your bag is reserved for basic necessitiessuch as potions and antidotes. We invite you to leave 2 empty slots at the beginning of the line. When you start a mission, you will receive free potions. They will automatically be placed in these empty slots. So you don't have to look for them.

If the quantities are adaptable according to your stocks, it is preferable to go hunting with :

  • 10 Potions: Restores some HP,
  • 10 Mega Potions: Returns a lot of HP,
  • 10 Antidotes : Cures poisoning,
  • 10 Energy drinks : Turns the Stamina Max back up to max,
  • 2 Secret Potions: Returns all VPs,
  • 1 Ancestral Potion: Restores all HP, increases Max Stamina to max and restores missing Stamina.

Increase its strength and defence

In addition to the items that will allow you to recover your health points and your Stamina, you must take along the following boost your performance or make your life easier during combat. Think of Demon Potions+, amulets, claws or Teleportogen.

On this second line, leave empty boxes to collect resources during your quest.

Again, you can take more or less with you, but the following amounts are ideal and recommended:

  • 10 Steaks à point: Increase the Stamina Max a little,
  • 5 Demon Potion+: Gives a big damage buff until death or the end of the mission,
  • 5 Stone Potion+: Gives a big defence buff until death or the end of the mission,
  • 1 Teleportogen: Teleports to the camp instantly, very useful for escaping fights or changing stuff quickly,
  • 1 Strength Amulet: A passive item that increases attack as long as it is in the inventory.
  • 1 Force Claw: A passive item that increases attack while in inventory,
  • 1 Defence Amulet: A passive item that increases defence as long as it is in the inventory,

Capture them all!

Finally, a good hunter does not go on a mission without some useful elements for capture the monsters. Even if it's not the initial goal of your quest, capturing a monster is always profitable and saves you a lot of time, so think about it!

It would be a shame to miss a capture because you did not take enough items to make new traps. We therefore advise against taking less than the quantities mentioned below for this part of the inventory:

  • 1 Defence Claw: A passive item that increases defence as long as it is in the inventory
  • 10 Nets: To be able to make pitfall traps,
  • 2 Trap Kits: To be able to craft traps,
  • 10 Dust bugs: To be able to craft electroshock traps,
  • 1 Pit Trap: A trap that creates a hole and causes monsters to fall, immobilising them. Beware, it takes a long time to deploy and is not the most practical to use,
  • 8 Tranquilizer Bombs: Used to capture a weakened and trapped monster,
  • 1 Electroshock Trap: A trap that paralyzes a monster for a while (effectiveness on the same monster decreases with each use),
  • 5 Flash bombs: Bombs to blind the monsters. It knocks the flying monsters to the ground. As she does so, you and your team can hit her!

By keeping the same order and inventory from one mission to the next, you'll be able to find the items you need in battle more and more efficiently. In Monster Hunter Rise, it's important not to waste time! Bad timing could cost you your life!