How do I quickly earn Battle Pass points in MultiVersus?

Many games have a Battle Pass system, and MultiVersus is no exception. As usual, you have at your disposal two versionsOne is free and accessible to all, the other Premium and paid, but which offer more interesting rewards. However, in both cases, you need to earn experience points to unlock the different levels and get the skins, stickers and other associated items. In this guide, we explain how to earn them quickly.

Building up your Battle Pass gives you rewards

If you are looking to earn experience points to climb the Combat Pass levels, fighting is inevitableespecially when you are fighting with a friend. Indeed, in 2v2 with a buddy, you benefit from a bonus of +30% experience (in addition to the gold bonus). Don't bother starting games against other players, it's perfectly possible to chain matches against bots.

Matches grant a good amount of experience when you play with two people, however, the gains are much less if you are playing solo. Don't worry, MultiVersus provides several methods of gaining experience and raising the Pass. One of them involves daily missionsThey are associated with the clashes. They are accounted for by 6 per daywith the possibility of making a free reroll to change one if you are stuck. Other changes can be made for a fee of 100 gold coins. All of these daily missions are varied, some of which require you to win a specific number of matches, while others require you to accumulate victories with a particular character type.

In addition to these daily missions, there are seasonal assignments. These take longer to complete, but offer a greater amount of experience. For example, you will have to dodge 100 attacks or make 50 assists. If your goal is to reach the last level of the Combat Pass, don't neglect them.

MultiVersus - Daily and seasonal assignments

There is one last way to easily get experience to build up the Battle Pass. Every day you have a gauge called Rest experience. This experience provides double match awardsThis makes it easier for you. It is not infinite, however, and decreases with each new encounter. When it is completely empty, there is no way to refill it, you just have to wait for the next day. The gauge is visible under the Play button! in the MultiVersus main menu.

If you are looking to earn gold quickly, please refer to our guide dedicated to coin farming, in addition we offer a guide entirely dedicated to Toast and how to get them quickly.

How to quickly earn Combat Pass points in MultiVersus? - mandatory multiversus meta -

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