Monster Hunter Rise

Quickly build up your RC (Hunter Rank) in Monster Hunter Rise?

In Monster Hunter Riseyour Hunter Rank (RC) indicates the level of quests that are available to you. While it is limited until you complete the main story, the lock jumps after that and allows you to access new monsters when you reach new levels. Before the Sunbreak DLC, you had to reach RC 100 to unlock the ultimate monster: the Scarlet Valstrax. We'll explain how to quickly increase your RC so you can access all the content in the game.

What is the Hunter Rank?

The Hunter Rank, abbreviated RC in the game, is a rank that represents your progress in Monster HunterIt increases as you complete key and urgent quests in the Great Camp. It increases as you complete key quests and urgent quests in the Great Camp. Some special quests in Kamura Village also increase your RC.

Currently, there are 2 levels in Hunter Rank Novice (levels 1 to 3) and Expert (levels 4 to 7). A third rank, Master, will be implemented in Rise with the Sunbreak extension. Each of these ranks has an increasing level of difficulty.

As your Hunter Rank increases, you gain access to new quests, unlocking new monsters little by little. In addition, you must increase your Hunter Rank if you wish to take advantage of the Calamity and Arena quests.

The Great Camp in Monster Hunter Rise
Go to the Great Camp to get the quests

Increase your Novice Rank

The Novice Rank represents the learning phase of Monster Hunter Rise. The monsters are not particularly threatening and can be easily hunted alone. You naturally start at RC 1 and have to work your way up to RC 4 to become an Expert.

Each RC has a number of quests. Among these quests, there are so-called "key" quests and other secondary ones. You must complete a number of key quests to be able to claim the higher rank. These quests are indicated by the Karuma symbol at the top of their name.

Once you have completed the required number of key quests, a character in the village of Kamura (different for each rank) will ask to speak to you to give you an Urgent quest. Urgent quests are actually exams to move up in rank. Complete these urgent quests and you will be promoted to the next level.

Unlocking the Expert rank

The Expert rank opens the doors to more complex hunts, which will often require more than one player. You will fight the same monsters as in Novice, but in faster and more powerful versions with new attacks. But above all, you will encounter new monsters and will be able to get your hands on rarer resources that are indispensable for making certain weapons and equipment.

Big Monster : Upper Arzuros

To move from Novice to Expert rank, you must first have completed all 3-star quests. When this is done, go see Fugen the elder and Hojo, the guild master, and they will give you the urgent mission entitled "Superior Blue Monster. This quest will be your first Calamity quest: a kind of defense of the area against dozens of Big Monsters, including your main opponent : a superior Arzuros. If you manage to complete it, you will gain access to the 4-star quests, and at the same time the Expert rank.

Unlocking the level limit

When Monster Hunter Rise was released, the level cap was set at RC 7. Now, with the integration of the 2.0 update, this limit has been removed. A reckless hunter can now reach level 999If he has the patience and determination, of course.

To unlock the RC level cap, simply proceed in the same way as you have done so far: complete the key quests for RC 7 and complete the Urgent quest that will be given to you afterwards.

Once the Hunter Rank limit is unlocked, you will now gain hunter experience for each completed quest (whether Key, Calamity or not). Of course, the more complex a quest is, the more experience you will gain. It is this experience that increases your RC.

It is always important to increase the RC beyond RC7 as new monsters appear regularly at different levels. At RC 20, you will be given a quest involving fighting a ChameleosIn row 30 it will be a Kushala Daora.

Note that as long as these quests with new monsters are not completed, your RC will be locked again. But this lock is symbolic and you can still gain experience as it is stored until you beat these monsters. It is therefore theoretically possible to go from RC 20 to RC 999 by beating the Chameleos.

Earning RC easily

To gain experience, there is no secret, you have to fight against the monsters. However, if you want to level up quickly, to face the Valstrax Scarlet or simply to be ready for the Sunbreak extension, there are two particularly effective methods.

The Calimity Quests

The most effective way is to chain the Calamity quests from 5 to 7 stars, with a focus on battles against the so-called "superior" monsters and the Wind Ibushi. Single player quests will take between 15 and 25 minutes to complete, but with practice and a good group, quests can be completed in 10 minutes. Each completed quest earns between 3 and 10 RC at once, depending on your level.

A Calamity quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Advanced Quests

Another method, if you don't like the Calamity quests, is to do the quests that involve defeating superior monsters, including the so-called 'Advanced' quests. There are some among the 7-star quests in the Great Camp, but also among the Event quests. Be very careful, because in the Advanced quests, the monsters all have their stats multiplied by 2. These are the most difficult challenges in Monster Hunter Rise.

An Advanced Quest in Monster Hunter Rise

Now you know everything you need to know about the Hunter Rank. Now it's time to go on an adventure and prove your worth.