Monster Hunter Rise

How do I capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise?

Killing monsters is not the only way to complete a quest in Monster Hunster Risesince you can also capture them ! Capture has many advantages compared to simple elimination, but it is not necessarily easy to set up when you don't know the game well.

What is the purpose of capture?

Let's keep it simple: when you have the opportunity to capture a monster, do it. Even if it's not the main objective of your quest, it's always a good idea to capture the big monsters if you have the necessary equipment.

Captures greatly increase the number of rewards obtained You can also get more money at the end of a mission, either in terms of materials, money or points. Very occasionally, if you are looking for a specific item, killing a monster and skinning it can increase your chances of getting what you want. But these are such special cases that they are negligible. You can consult the Big Monsters to see which items are easier to obtain by hunting or capturing.

The other benefit of a capture is to shorten the fighting. Successful capture immediately ends the fight or even the mission. You then have less risk of dying against the rather tense bosses.

In the old Monster Hunter games, capturing a monster also allowed you to fight it at your leisure in Arena mode. This feature is not present in Rise but may return in Sunbreak.

What does it take to capture a Monster?

Capturing a monster requires two types of objects: a trap and a tranquilliser. Without these elements, there is no point in trying, it won't work.

The pitfalls

There are 2 types of traps: electroshock traps and pitfall traps. The first one paralyses the enemy via an electric current, the other one simply knocks the monster into a hole. You can only carry one trap of each type at a time.

Be aware that some monsters are insensitive to certain traps. The pitfall trap will not be able to immobilise a monster in full flight, while the shock trap will have no effect on electricity-based monsters such as the Zinogre or the Rajang. In addition, the ancient dragons are absolutely immune to traps and therefore cannot be captured. You must therefore choose the right one for your mission.


Tranquilizers allow you to complete a capture by putting a trapped monster to sleep. Generally speaking, you will only need 2, but some monsters will require a maximum of 4 bombs.

Tranquilizers come in many forms. The most common aretranquilizer bombs which can be bought at the Kamura shop. But there are also tranquilizer cartridges and arrows available for fusarbalets and archers.

How do you create traps?

If your mission requires you to capture a monster, you should have free traps available in the guild chest. So remember to get them before you craft them. But to capture in classic missions, you will have to create your own and take them with you.

Materials needed to make a shock trap : 1 bug zapper + 1 trap kit.
Materials needed to make a pitfall trap: 1 net + 1 trap kit.

Trap kits can be bought in the shop, but other materials have to be collected on a mission. To ensure that you never run out of trap materials, we strongly advise you to ask the Argosy to grow tinderboxes and nets. You can then collect a nice stock in a few quests.

How to capture a monster

In previous versions of Monster Hunter, capturing could sometimes be difficult, in this opus, it is almost impossible not to succeed as long as you are attentive. You will have to follow 3 steps.

Weakening the monster

First, you'll have to weaken the monster until it has only 10% of its HP left. The thing is, there's no life bar in Monster Hunter, so to know the state of the monster, you'll have to rely on three different indicators.

The first is the easiest to observe. When a monster is too injured, it will usually try to run away and return to its nest to sleep. If in its flight you see that the monster is limping alongIf you don't have the time, it's probably ripe for capture.

How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise? - mandatory monster hunter capture 01 -

The other indicator is a blue icon that appears next to the monster's portrait at the top right of the screen, or on the minimap. Note that this pictogram is rather discreet and only appears when the monster is about to die, which means that you should immediately stop your attacks when you notice it.

How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise? - mandatory monster hunter capture 02 -

The final, most reliable and effective indicator for shortening fights comes from your Palico. If you go into battle with your faithful feline, it will warn you as soon as the monster can be capturedThe message is easy to miss, however, so be careful. The message is easy to miss though, so be careful.

Setting the trap

To set a trap, simply use the object in an area with sufficient space. Electroshock traps are generally preferred as they set much faster and require less space. Once a trap is set, it cannot be deactivated, moved or picked up. So be careful where you place it.

How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise? - mandatory monster hunter capture 03 -
A weakened Rathian caught in an electrical trap.

As mentioned above, also make sure you have a trap that is compatible with your target. Don't be afraid to place the trap immediately under your target's feet. Traps set very quickly and activate immediately. This is the best way to make an enemy fall into a trap.

Note that if you have already used a trap type on a large monster, it becomes resistant to that type of trap. If it has fallen into a trap 3 times, it becomes immune to that type of trap.

Putting the prey to sleep

Once the monster is trapped, you only have a few seconds to complete the capture. Equip yourself with your tranquilizers and throw some at the monster. Don't hesitate to use too much rather than too little.

If you use Tranquilizer Bombs, your character will immediately throw them at its feet. So stick to the monster to capture it.

How to capture a monster in Monster Hunter Rise? - mandatory monster hunter capture 04 -
Tranquilizer bombs release a purple cloud that puts monsters to sleep.

If you have followed all the previous steps, you're done! Your monster should be captured.

Some tips to facilitate capture

Before you attempt your first capture, take a few more minutes to read our latest tips; you'll save time and money!

  • There's no need to go after the Thunder Narwa or the Teostra, it's impossible to capture the Elder Dragons in Monster Hunter Rise, just like in the rest of the series.
  • There is no point in trying to capture a Monster with natural traps or grymalkines, as this is not possible.
  • Stock up on items to craft new traps or tranquilizer bombs. If, for some reason, your first attempt fails, it will always be more interesting to make new equipment than to start a quest all over again.
  • Wait until the Big Monster you want to capture is alone in the area to make sure no one else sets off the trap for it.