Monster Hunter Rise

How to access Monster Hunter Sunbreak content

Monster Hunter Rise is available since March 2021 on Switch and January 2022 on PC. From June 30th, you will be able to enjoy the expansion Sunbreakon all media. To access this new content, however, you will need to ensure that you meet the prerequisites.

The requirements for Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is an expansion for Monster Hunter Rise. It will include new monsters, new hunting lands, Paragon missions and the long awaited Master Rank. In order to enjoy this new content, you must meet 2 criteria:

  • You must own the original version of the game. Sule extensions will not work.
  • You must have saved the village of Kamura. To do this, you must complete the quest Grand-Camp rank 7, entitled 'Thunder Serpent Goddess.

SPOILER ALERT. This hunt takes you on a battle against one of the last great monsters, namely the Narwa of Thunder. If you are a seasoned hunter, you have probably already defeated this ancient dragon. If you are a new player, it will take several hours of play (in multiplayer) to get to this stage of the adventure.

Great Monster: Narwa of Thunder

I've already done all that, now what?

If you are ready, the first step is to buy the Sunbreak DLC. The expansion isn't free, but if you like Monster Hunter, you won't be disappointed. It brings 17 new monsters to face, 2 new maps to blow up and most importantly a new difficulty mode that makes all the old monsters much harder, with new attacks.

Please note that your game must be closed when you purchase and install the DLC, otherwise it may cause activation problems or even destroy your savegame. Capcom is working on it.

Once you have purchased and installed the DLC, you can launch the game as normal and you should see the Monster Hunter Sunbreak logo on the title screen, instead of the Monster Hunter Rise logo.

Load your savegame and you will be greeted by Rondine at the entrance to Karuma. She will take you to see Fugen the Elder who will ask you to accept a quest to the Great Camp to hunt a Hermitaur Daimyos. This will be your first Master Rank target. Kill or capture it and you will be invited to join a brand new village, with new quests and Master Rank. It's from here that you'll have access to all the content in Sunbreak. Have fun!