Monster Hunter Rise

Diablos - Monster Hunter Rise (Materials, Weaknesses and Strategies)

The Diablos is as formidable as ever in Monster Hunter Rise. This thick brute will give you a hard time if you stay close to his horns. In this guide, you'll be introduced to his attacks, his weaknesses, and the novice and expert materials he can bring in to forge weapons and armour.


Big Monster: Diablos

Species : Flying wyvern
Element : None
Threat: 7 stars

Weaknesses of the Diablos

 MH Rise - Weakness: SharpMH Rise - Weakness: hammerMH Rise - Weakness: piercingMH Rise - Weakness: FireMH Rise - Weakness: WaterMH Rise - Weakness: LightningMH Rise - Weakness: IceMH Rise - Weakness: Dragon
Front leg45452020010010
Rear leg30252025010020

How to beat the Diablos

The Diablos is quite a piece of work. It is particularly tough and your weapons will bounce off its carcass unless they are very sharp. Its weak and tender points are its head and the mud on its tail, but they are protected by large, strong horns. Use blunt weapons to hit the head and break the horns, or sharp weapons to attack the tail and cut it off so that only the sensitive part remains. Breaking its horns greatly reduces the range of its attacks.

Diablos' movements fall into three main categories. It attacks either by charging at you, tail slapping you, or burying itself. Since it cannot attack with its legs, wings or flank, you will be safest under the Diablos.

When the Diablos is about to charge, it will usually let out a small cry and scratch the ground with one of its paws. Its charge is devastating, so be extremely careful. Lure it close to a wall and dodge at the last moment with your filopter so that it hits a wall and knocks itself out.

If the Diablos is burying itself, it will rise from the ground and attack one of the players. Put your weapons away and prepare to do an emergency dodge. You can also get him out of the ground by using a sonic bomb.

The materials of the Diablos

By fighting a monster, you can get different items and materials for making armour or weapons which we have listed in the following table. This is how the table works:

  • Target - Represents your chance to get this material by completing a quest that involves this monster.
  • Capture - Your chance to get this material at the end of the quest by capturing this monster, even if it was not the target of the quest.
  • Damage - Your chance to get this extra material by completing a quest that involves this monster, if you damage it in a specific place
  • Skinning - Your chances of obtaining this material by skinning the carcass or broken/severed element of the target.
  • Recovered - Your chance to make this material fall to the ground by injuring the monster, throwing it against a wall, or making it fight another monster.

Novice Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Carapace Diablos16%28%--40%50%
Diablos vertebrae33%25%80%32%35%
Croc Diablos25%21%--23%--
Chevron Diablos7%16%--70%--
Vitality extract12%------35%
Diablos marrow7%10%20%12%--
Twisted horn----100%----
Tear of wyvern--------20%

Expert Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Diablos breastplate18%29%--40%50%
Diablos vertebra +35%23%50%33%35%
Croc Diablos13%11%--12%--
Chevron Diablos5%9%--70%--
Vitality extract9%------25%
Diablos marrow10%13%30%7%--
Medualla Diablos7%10%20%12%--
Wyvern Gem3%5%--5%1%
Majestic horn----100%----
Tear of wyvern--------10%
Large wyvern tear--------40%

Master Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Cortex Diablos22%-20%36%50%
Echine Diablos31%--28%30%
Chevron Diablos +27%-80%10%-
Vitality extract12%--80%-
Medulla Diablos5%-5%5%-
Large wyvern gem3%-3%3%1%
Big Twisted Horn--80%24%-
Large wyvern tear-23%100%-20%