Monster Hunter Rise

Arzuros - Monster Hunter Rise (Materials, Weaknesses and Strategies)

TheArzuros returns in Monster Hunter Rise. This big teddy bear met in the portable version of the 3rd opus hasn't changed much. He's even mellowed out in Rise and is one of the first monsters players encounter. In this guide, you will be introduced to his attacks, his weaknesses, as well as the novice and expert materials he can bring back to forge weapons and armour.


Big Monster : Arzuros

Species : Beasts with fangs
Element : None
Threat: 1 star

Weaknesses of the Arzuros

 MH Rise - Weakness: SharpMH Rise - Weakness: hammerMH Rise - Weakness: piercingMH Rise - Weakness: FireMH Rise - Weakness: WaterMH Rise - Weakness: LightningMH Rise - Weakness: IceMH Rise - Weakness: Dragon
Upper part50506225510150
Front leg33352830530200
Abdomen/ Hind leg55553815510200

How to beat the Arzuros

The Arzuros is not very nasty in Monster Hunter Rise (the same cannot be said for the Superior Arzuros...). It's a rather small beast, which can only hit with its claws. This means that as long as it's on all fours or sitting on its backside, it can't do much except charge you.

Things get more complicated when the Arzuros stands up on its two hind legs. If you see it turn its upper body slightly, it is going to try to hit you with a combo of three to five very painful claws. If it leans forward, it will attack with both claws simultaneously, throwing you into the air and doing a lot of damage.

The best way to dodge it is also the best way to damage it: the Arzuros' back is its weakest point and it is unable to attack behind it. If he still gives you a bit of trouble, you can try to break his claws with explosives or blunt weapons when he is tired or thrown to the ground. Without its claws, it does much less damage and loses agility.

The materials of the Arzuros

By fighting a monster, you can get different items and materials for making armour or weapons which we have listed in the following table. This is how the table works:

  • Target - Represents your chance to get this material by completing a quest that involves this monster.
  • Capture - Your chance to get this material at the end of the quest by capturing this monster, even if it was not the target of the quest.
  • Damage - Your chance to get this extra material by completing a quest that involves this monster, if you damage it in a specific place
  • Skinning - Your chances of obtaining this material by skinning the carcass or broken/severed element of the target.
  • Recovered - Your chance to make this material fall to the ground by injuring the monster, throwing it against a wall, or making it fight another monster.

Novice Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Carapace Arzuros14%39%--30%40%
Arzuros skin38%17%20%55%60%
Coxa Arzuros18%24%80%--10%
Os jumbos16%20%--15%--
Tear of a beast--------50%
Golden fish--------15%

Expert Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Arzuros breastplate14%37%--30%40%
Arzuros + skin36%16%20%52%60%
Coxa Arzuros +21%22%80%--10%
Os résistos14%18%--15%--
Beastly Gem5%7%--3%1%
Tear of a beast--------30%
Big Tear of Beast--------20%
Golden fish--------25%

Master Rank

MaterialsTargetSeizeDamageCutting upRecovered
Cortex Arzuros14%36%-29%40%
Arzuros Fur36%15%20%49%60%
Procoxa Arzuros22%22%80%-10%
Huge bone15%18%-16%-
Great beastly gem3%3%-2%1%
Beastly Gem-6%-4%4%
Tear of a beast----20%
Big tear of a beast----30%
Golden fish----25%
Afflicted bone--20%20%-