Monster Hunter Rise

All Big Monsters from Monster Hunter Rise and Sunbreak

The Big Monsters are the most interesting bosses and fights in Monster Hunter Rise. The DLC Monster Hunter Sunbreak adds 17 and more are still to come. Almost all of your missions will require you to kill or capture at least one of these creatures. Each monster has its own strengths, weaknesses, attacks and components that allow you to create ever more powerful weapons and armour.

We've prepared some information sheets where you'll find all the information you need to know about a Big Monster before going into battle. Choose your weapons and elements carefully, you will need them.

Note: This page is under construction and is regularly updated following the release of Sunbreak.

The Big Monsters of MH Rise

The Great Monsters of MH Sunbreak

First update of Sunbreak

Second update of Sunbreak

Third update of Sunbreak

Fourth update of Sunbreak

Fifth update of Sunbreak

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