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Yoshi - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Yoshi is a shooter not to be underestimated in Mario Strikers Battle League. The friendly dinosaur will score more than one goal. Here's everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Yoshi, the balanced striker

Yoshi - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Yoshi Mario Strikers -

Character type : shooter

Yoshi is not very fast, not very strong and has a poor command of the ball, but he makes up for this with his striking. He is the character with the best stats for playing with the ball. He excels at both Shooting and Passing, making him a great ally and potentially the unsuspected hero of your team.

Yoshi's Stats


Ovoid Destruction, Yoshi's Hyper Strike

Yoshi swallows the ball and spits it out in the form of an egg that bounces in a bell on the ground. Enemies underneath the egg as it hits the ground are stunned for a moment as the ball travels towards the opponent's goal.