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Wario - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Wario is there to crush his opponents like the ball in Mario Strikers Battle League. This character will be difficult to approach and dislodge. Here is everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Wario, the effective strike

Wario - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Wario Mario Strikers -

Character type : offensive

Wario is an excellent shooter and quite difficult to dislodge. It's not so much the power of his strikes that makes the difference, but the fact that he resists the attacks of others. This allows him to charge his shots and super-strikes more easily than others. His technique and speed leave something to be desired, but he will still be useful in clearing the field and passing the ball to allies.

Wario's Stats


Thundering Ricochet, Wario's Hyper-Rap

Wario crushes the ball to the ground with his backside. The ball is then electrified and bounces a few times against the walls like in a pinball machine before heading towards the goal. Enemies in the path of the ball are electrified as if they had been thrown against an edge of the field.