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Toad - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

It's not the size that counts, and Toad is determined to prove it in Mario Strikers Battle League. Here is everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Toad, all in the passes

Toad - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Toad Mario Strikers -

Character type : fast

Toad is a fast character, specialising in ultra-fast passes. He can get the ball across the field in record time, which makes him a good support for the main defender. On the other hand, he is rather fragile and his technique leaves much to be desired. He can easily be overrun and lose the ball if he keeps it at his feet for too long.

Toad Stats


Smash Souterrain, Toad's Hyper Strike

Toad is thrown in the air like a cannonball. He then kicks the ball and it crashes to the ground in front of him, knocking out and stunning all opponents. The ball is then buried and will only come out in front of the goal.