Mario Strikers

Objects and Elasticity in Mario Strikers

Like any good Mario multiplayer game, Mario Strikers has objects that spice up the game and rebalance the game. It applies the famous concept of elasticity found in Mario Kart, for example. We explain how the objects work in detail.

How to get objects

To get items in Mario Strikers, you have to collect boxes. There are two types of boxes, rainbow and monochrome. Rainbow boxes can be picked up by all players, while monochrome boxes can only be picked up by a player of the corresponding colour.

Objects and Elasticity in Mario Strikers - objects mario strikers 02 -
Rainbow boxes thrown by the audience.

The rainbow boxes A good game, good dribbling and good passing increase the excitement in the stands until a box is thrown. Well-constructed play, good dribbling and good passing increase the excitement in the stands until a box is thrown.

The monochrome boxes appear to help a player who has been unfairly tackled. These are tackles made on players who have not had the ball between their feet for a while and who are not in the path of a pass. Be careful not to over tackle all the opposing players, otherwise you will just be giving them lots of objects.

Using objects well

Items are common to a whole team. When playing in multiplayer, any player in the team can throw the items that the team has. So be careful with your coordination and agree with your allies to use them at the right time.

Note that you can only carry two items at a time. Passing over a box when you already have two items will destroy the box without changing the items you already have. So get rid of one item before picking up another. This being said, knowing this, you can voluntarily destroy the rainbow boxes so as not to leave it to your opponents, even if you don't need any items.

You are advised to always carry something with youA projectile, if possible, in order to be able to more easily counteract potential hyper strikes opponents. For the rest, even if it is better to use your items at the right time, do not hesitate too much either. An unused item is a wasted item and they come back regularly enough that you don't have to regret using them.

Elasticity and balancing

As with most Mario games, this Mario Strikers game uses what is known as elasticity to balance the game and the objects. This is a principle that grants more objects and more powerful items to players who are losing the game. Mario Kart players will be familiar with this concept.

When a player is one point behind in the score, an object appears in front of his penalty area at the start. If the player is two or more points behind, two objects appear. Since you can only have two objects at the same time, it is advisable to use your objects at the start of the match to open up the field, while the player behind you can fill the inventory with new objects.

All Mario Strikers items

Objects and Elasticity in Mario Strikers - mushroom objects mario strikers -

Super Mushroom

The Super Mushroom greatly boosts your movement speed and tackling range. You can easily navigate between opponents and dribble past them. The boost is relative to your character's base speed. An already fast character will be so fast that he can be difficult to control and tackles can easily propel you into electric fences.

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The Banana leaves a huge banana skin in front of you. It trips up the first player to step on it, whether it is an opponent or an ally. Be careful, as you drop the banana peel in front of you, you must immediately change the direction of your run, otherwise you'll get your own trap.

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Green Shell

The Green Carapace allows you to shoot a projectile in front of you that will knock down any player in its path. The shell bounces off the edges of the field. As useful as it is for clearing the way to the goal, you should be careful of the backlash when it bounces.

Objects and Elasticity in Mario Strikers - red shell mario strikers objects -

Carapace Rouge

The Red Carapace throws a projectile in front of you. It targets the nearest player and moves towards him. Once this player is hit, the shell continues on its way and breaks when it hits a wall. It will bounce off the goalkeeper, however. The red shell can be dodged with a dribble. Even if it tries to come back towards you, its turning radius is such that it should break into the nearest wall.

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The Bob-omb throws a bomb in front of you. It trips players in the path of the throw, then explodes after a few seconds. The explosion stuns and repels all opponents within range. It's the perfect item to blast your way into the opponent's goal while still having time to charge your shot. It works very well on engagement.

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The Star is the ultimate item in the game. It makes your character impossible to tackle. It knocks down any opposing player it touches and all stats are boosted for a short time. The goalkeeper is an exception, he can stop a player under the effect of a star. Use the star to recover the ball and easily charge a shot. Be careful, if you change character or pass the ball, the other character will not benefit from the power of the star. You also lose the effect of the star if you charge a Hyper Strike, so clear your surroundings before firing.