Mario Strikers

The different Mario Strikers statistics explained

In Mario Strikers: Battle League Footballeach character has its own characteristics and its statistics. They are important to take into account as they condition the style of play of your character. However, their names and descriptions are not necessarily very clear in the game. We explain how the different statistics in the game work and how to change them.


The Force conditions power and resistance to tackling. The higher the Strength, the more damage the opponent will suffer, be thrown away and remain stunned on the ground after being hit. Similarly, Strength allows you to resist tackling. Basically, when one character tackles another character, the difference between their Strength stats determines who has the advantage. By loading up on tackles, even the weakest player can take down the strongest opponent, although they may not remain stunned for very long.


As the name suggests, Speed determines the speed of the race of your character. The higher your Speed stat, the harder it is for your opponents to catch you. It's great for getting ahead or chasing the ball. Your accelerations and dodges are also much faster because of this. Tackles will also travel a greater distance if your speed is high.


The Shot determines the power of your shots to the goal, as well as the speed of the load of your typing and the speed of the ball in the air. With a high shot, you have a better chance of stunning defenders who might try to intercept the ball. The goalkeeper himself may remain stunned for a short time after being hit by a high shot.


The Pass determines the speed of the passes, but also the scope of the latter. When you want to make a free pass (by holding L), you will be able to send the ball from one end of the field to the other if your Pass is high. On the other hand, a low Pass statistic forces you to be almost glued to your ally to send the ball.


The Technique is the most obscure stat, but it impacts many things. It determines the accuracy of your passing and shooting, as well as the curves of your shots to the goal. A high Technique allows for more devious and difficult to anticipate shots.

The Technique also affects the length of your invulnerability during a dribble as well as the size of the attack gauges of the Hyper Strike.

Modify your characters' statistics

Your characters have basic stats, but they can be modified to suit your play style or strategy. To do this, you will need to buy equipment for the character you want to use.

Of course, equipment is not a direct boost to stats. Each piece of equipment brings both a bonus and a malus.

Please note that when you buy equipment, you can only buy it for one character. It must be bought for each character you want to equip it for.