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Mario Strikers' best team compilation

It's not always easy to put together a balanced team that works well in Mario Strikers. For your team, you have to take into account the characters only their statistics and their equipment. We explain how to build the best teams with some examples of typical teams, depending on your playing style.

The roles in a good team

You already know this, but Mario Strikers teams are made up of 4 players + 1 goalkeeper. You can't choose or change your goalie, so we'll focus on the four players in the team.

In your team there are three different roles:

The captain plays in the front line. He must be able to build the game and score. Since he will always be the player closest to the opponents' goal, it is best if he is the unit with the most Shooting or Technique. This is especially true when you get the ball back in your own half, as the captain will regularly be alone in the opposition half, ready to receive a pass and shoot before the opposition defence recomposes itself.

The wingersTwo of them are responsible for linking the two halves of the field. In defence, they must be able to move the ball away from your goal, either by collecting the ball, passing or dribbling. In attack, they must be able to pass the ball to the main striker and protect him from opposing attacks. Since they play on both sides of the board, this is the position that allows the most variety. Take characters with Strength and Speed to defend better or take characters with Shooting and Technique to be more offensive.

The defender plays in the back of the field, on the penalty area. He rarely goes into the opponent's half of the field. His role is to collect the ball and pass it to the wingers so that they can pass it to the captain. Not only does a good defender need to have strength, but he also needs to be fairly wide as opposition shots can be deflected if they hit the body of one of your players. The defender must be careful not to move too far from the centre, as opponents can easily get around him with a simple pass.

See our guide to the best characters in each position.

The best team compositions

With all this established, let's look at some team compositions depending on your style of play.

As a reminder, these compositions are suggestions, but you are free to replace some characters and use some equipment to suit your play style. If you want more specific details on each character, see our character sheets.

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The best Mario Strikers team compo - Waluigi Mario Strikers Portrait -


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Toad Mario Strikers Portrait -
The best Mario Strikers team compo - Wario Mario Strikers Portrait -


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Mario Strikers Portrait Harmony -


This is probably the best compo to start with. It is based on around a single striker so strong in shooting that he will score all the goals for the team.

Harmony is the character with the best combination of Shooting and Technique, so she is the perfect captain for this formation. Wario is there to get the ball the hard way, while Toad catches the opponent's passes. Their goal is to get the ball to Harmonie as quickly as possible so that she can score. Waluigi completes the team as he compensates for the lack of speed of Wario and Harmonie. He is mobile enough to leave no real opening for the opponent.

This strategy works well for learn the game and integrate the roles of each character. On the other hand, putting everything on one striker will not work on experienced players who will quickly understand that they only need to concentrate on Harmonie to prevent you from scoring. Wario also has the potential to score, but his slowness means that he will not always be available to replace Harmonie.

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The best Mario Strikers team compo - DonkeyKong Mario Strikers Portrait -
Donkey Kong


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Peach Mario Strikers Portrait -
The best Mario Strikers team compo - Mario Mario Strikers Portrait -


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Luigi Mario Strikers Portrait -


The aim of this composition is to catch the opponents at speed with a precise and fast game, where the ball circulates well between the different players.

Luigi has a good balance of Shooting, Speed and Technique, while being slightly better at Passing. His role is then to passing the ball between his two wingers. Peach and Mario will be the real scorers of the game. The basic strategy is to charge a shot to draw the defenders and the goalkeeper and finally cancel it and pass the ball to Luigi who immediately passes it to the other winger who can shoot in the air. It's best to pass the ball from Peach to Mario via Luigi, but Peach's very high Skill and Speed mean that she's quite capable of scoring from the moment she gets a clear shot. Donkey Kong is there to make up for the lack of Strength in the team, while having a high enough Passing stat to encourage the play of the other three.

It's a much more complicated composition to play as it requires good reflexes to navigate the ball quickly and dodge opponents with dribbles. It works extremely well by using free passes rather than automatic passes, to constantly run forward while fooling opponents.

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The best Mario Strikers team compo - Bowser Mario Strikers Portrait -


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Yoshi Mario Strikers Portrait -
The best Mario Strikers team compo - Wario Mario Strikers Portrait -


The best Mario Strikers team compo - Mario Strikers Portrait Harmony -


In contrast to the single-goal compo, this composition is intended to put pressure on the opponent. Each player is more than capable of scoring a goalNo matter what position you are in. Once you have the ball, it will be difficult to stop or tackle you and the opposing players cannot ignore you.

Harmonie is still the top scorer, so her position as captain is obvious. Wario is strong enough to take tackles that aren't charged and can make some great hits when properly equipped. Yoshi is the slightly in-between character, equally strong in Shooting and Passing, to help the rest of the team get the ball from one side of the field to the other. As for Bowser, he is absolutely unstoppable and can score goals even when he is at the other end of the field.

With this team, you play real assassins. You can easily tackle all the opposing players to neutralise them, whether they have the ball or not. It will be extremely frustrating for them, but tackle them all the time. You can then quietly charge your shots and score almost certainly.

As you will have understood, the disadvantage of this composition is your very low Speed, but also the quasi absence of Pass. You are particularly vulnerable to objectsThis can be complicated to manage as opponents will have many of them as a result of your tackles.