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Peach - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

The Princess Peach is not there to make up the numbers in Mario Strikers Battle League. She crosses the field at the speed of light, leaving her opponents stunned. Here is everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Peach, speed is everything

Peach - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Peach Mario Strikers

Character type : fast

Princess Peach is a fast character, capable of outrunning her opponents or going around them at very high speed. Coupled with her excellent passing skills, she is the ideal character to play against the biggest defenders who will never be able to stop her. However, you have to be reactive enough to play her and fool other players effectively. Her shots are rather weak, so use her more for decisive passes than for aggressive scoring.

Peach's Stats


Bewitching Dance, Peach's Hyper Strike

Peach kicks the ball, which then follows a heart-shaped path. Enemies caught in the pink trail of the ball are charmed and unable to move for a few seconds.