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Mario - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Can you imagine a Mario multiplayer game without Mario ? The moustachioed plumber leads the charge in Mario Strikers Battle League. Here is everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Mario, balanced but technical

Mario - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Mario Mario Strikers -

Character type : balanced

As is often the case in multiplayer games, Mario is a well-balanced character who is suitable for both beginners and players who want to be able to handle any situation. He does have a small boost in Shooting, which makes him a little better in the front line. He also has a high Technique stat, which allows him to be more precise on his shots and to dribble his opponents with ease.

Mario's Stats


Embraced Vortex, Mario's Hyper Strike

Mario leaps into the air and kicks the ball backwards. It catches fire and travels all the way to the goal, setting fire to all the opponents in its path. The shot burns the goalkeeper's gloves and he is unable to stop any more balls for a while.