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Luigi - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Luigi fully assumes its role as a foil and second role in Mario Strikers Battle League. He looks more determined and angry than ever in this episode. Here's everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Luigi, balanced but technical

Luigi - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Luigi Mario Strikers -

Character type : balanced

Like his brother Mario, Luigi is a rather balanced character with a hint of technique. He is therefore effective in a bit of every role, but does not excel in any of them. Luigi does, however, stand out from his brother by being better at passing than he is at shooting. This makes him an ideal winger.

Luigi's Stats


Spinning Tornado, Luigi's Hyper Strike

Luigi spins around several times before kicking the ball, creating a tornado. The tornado sucks the opponents in and spins the ball as it slowly moves towards the goal.