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Harmony - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Don't be fooled by the apparent softness ofHarmonyIt is particularly aggressive and strong in Mario Strikers Battle League. Here is everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Harmony, the effective strike

Harmonie - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - Harmonie Mario Strikers -

Character type : shooter

Harmony is the most balanced offensive character in the game. If her Speed is rather low, her Strength, Technique and especially her Shot are higher than average. She can easily tackle defenders, recover the ball and shoot at the goal in the process. So it's best to respect her when she's heading towards you.

Harmony Stats


Orbital Shock, the Hyper Strike of Harmony

Harmonie sends the ball around in space until it returns as a ball of ice, which she then sends straight towards the opponent's goal. Opponents in the path of the ball are slowed down considerably and even if Bamm-Bamm catches the ball, it will be turned into an ice cube for a moment, which allows you to score immediately afterwards.