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Donkey Kong - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide

Donkey Kong is a real wall in Mario Strikers Battle League. The big ape won't let anything get past him, whether it's the ball or a player. Here's everything you need to know about the character in this guide.

Donkey Kong, the ultimate defender

Donkey Kong - Mario Strikers Battle League Guide - DonkeyKong Mario Strikers -

Character type : defender

Donkey Kong is a powerful character like Bowser, but more effective in the back line. He is much better at passing than shooting. His goal is to keep the opponent away from the goal with severe charges and to send the ball back to the other side of the field. Because of his slowness, it is better to play him close to the goal, otherwise he will be easily overtaken.

Donkey Kong Stats


Banana Explosion, Donkey Kong's Hyper Strike

Donkey Kong jumps into the air and slams the ball into the ground. The smash is so strong that it creates a shockwave that throws all the opponents into the electric curbs. The ball then advances towards the goal in a banana-shaped trajectory.