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All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers

Hyper Strikes are the ultimate shots in Mario Strikers: Battle League Football. Not only are they stylish, but they also award two points as well as being unstoppable... at least if you do it right. We'll explain it all to you.

How to launch a Hyper Strike

To launch a Hyper Strike, you will need to pick up a hyper-strike orb. They appear randomly in play on the field. Unlike most item boxes, they can be picked up by both teams. When you see one appear, it may be worth making a diversion to get it, even if it means changing characters or losing the ball. Even if you don't manage to use it, it's better not to leave it to the opponents.

An Orb of Hyper Strike
Hyper Strike orbs are always red.

Once the orb is obtained, the player's entire team glows and they can all trigger a Hyper Strike. The effect of the orb only lasts 30 secondsso don't delay too long.

To launch a Hyper Strike, go to the opponent's half of the field and hold down the fire buttonThe time will then slow down and a gauge with two marks will appear under the player. The time will then slow down and a gauge with two marks will appear below the player. Press A when the cursor passes over the two blue marks to start the Hyper Strike.

The Mario Strikers Hyper Hit Gauge
The gauge progresses from right to left, then left to right.

Successful Hyper Strikes

The time needed to launch a Hyper Strike is rather long, make sure that no opponent is in a position to tackle you before you throw one. Generally, opponents will want to tackle you to prevent you from launching that ultimate shot. Spot the opponent's character and be ready to dodge when he or she approaches to hit you. The opponent will have to fall to the ground and you will have all the time in the world to charge your Hyper Strike.

You can also clean up around you with different objects to be safe. The star allows you to launch your Hyper-Frappe for free.

Once the Hyper Strike is initiated, you will see the gauge split into three colours: grey, orange and blue. To make the best strike, you need to press when the cursor passes over the blue area, twice in a row. The size of the the blue area increases with your TechniqueIf you have a character with a lot of Technique, it may be more interesting to strike with a character who has a lot of Technique, rather than a lot of Fire.

If you successfully clear the blue zone twice in a row, your Hyper Strike is bound to go into the net and you will score two points.

If you do not validate the blue zones, the goalkeeper will inevitably receive the ball and an arm wrestling match will then begin and your success is then random. If you have validated a Blue and Orange shot, your chances of scoring remain high. If you have missed the blue and orange areas, there is little chance that the keeper will be overtaken by your shot, but you will at least have triggered the side effect of your Hyper Strike.

Sometimes it's best to immediately tap the Hyper Hit gauge, even if it means taping two Greys, before an opponent manages to interrupt you. Even if the goalkeeper stops the shot, he's bound to be a little dazed, which is the perfect opportunity to get the ball back in the air and shoot at the goal again for an easy point.

All Hyper Strikes

As mentioned above, the Hyper Strike differs depending on the character that triggers it. The trajectories and effects change, but all shots will end up in the goalkeeper's hands. Here is the list of hyper strikes and their effects. If you want to see the Hyper Strikes in video, click on the name of a character and see his dedicated page.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Mario Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Embraced Vortex

Mario leaps into the air and kicks the ball backwards. It catches fire and travels to the goal, setting fire to all the opponents in its path. The shot burns the goalkeeper's gloves and he is unable to stop any more balls for a while.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Luigi Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Whirling Tornado

Luigi spins around several times before kicking the ball, creating a tornado. The tornado sucks the opponents in and spins the ball as it slowly moves towards the goal.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Peach Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Enchanting Dance

Peach kicks the ball, which then follows a heart-shaped path. Enemies caught in the pink trail of the ball are charmed and unable to move for a few seconds.

Daisy in Mario Strikers


Hyper Strike : Floral spiral

Daisy shoots the ball in a spiral path covering the whole field, jostling opponents before racing towards the goal.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Harmony Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Orbital Shock

Harmonie sends the ball around in space until it returns as a ball of ice, which she then sends straight towards the opponent's goal. Opponents in the path of the ball are slowed down considerably and even if Bamm-Bamm catches the ball, it will be turned into an ice cube for a moment, which allows you to score immediately afterwards.

Pauline: Mario Strikers


Hyper Strike : Musical overload

Pauline propels the ball into the air while singing, dropping electric musical notes in its path. Opponents hit by the notes are knocked back very violently and stunned.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Bowser Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Glowing Ball

Bowser grabs the ball and turns it into a fireball before launching it straight at the goal, burning all opponents in its path. The goalkeeper may catch it, but his gloves may burn, preventing him from blocking any more shots for a while.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - DonkeyKong Mario Strikers Portrait -

Donkey Kong

Hyper Strike : Banana Explosion

Donkey Kong jumps into the air and slams the ball into the ground. The smash is so strong that it creates a shockwave that throws all the opponents into the electric curbs. The ball then advances towards the goal in a banana-shaped trajectory.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Toad Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Smash Souterrain

Toad is thrown in the air like a cannonball. He then kicks the ball and it crashes to the ground in front of him, knocking out and stunning all opponents. The ball is then buried and will only come out in front of the goal.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Yoshi Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Ovoid destruction

Yoshi swallows the ball and spits it out in the form of an egg that bounces in a bell on the ground. Enemies underneath the egg as it hits the ground are stunned for a moment as the ball travels towards the opponent's goal.

Diddy Kong, Mario Strikers

Diddy Kong

Hyper strike: Detonating Barrel

Diddy Kong propels the ball with a barrel cannon. The ball goes off with a lot of fireworks in a cone that pushes all opponents into the area of effect.

Shy Guy in Mario Strikers

Shy Guy

Hyper Strike : Propeller Dive

Shy Guy kicks the ball in a spinning motion and it starts to rush towards the opponent's goal, creating a draft behind it. This air rush attracts and stuns all players who are too close to the ball.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Wario Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Lightning Ricochet

Wario crushes the ball to the ground with his backside. The ball is then electrified and bounces a few times against the walls like in a pinball machine before heading towards the goal. Enemies in the path of the ball are electrified as if they had been thrown against an edge of the field.

All about Hyper Strikes in Mario Strikers - Waluigi Mario Strikers Portrait -


Hyper Strike : Thorny Dam

Waluigi wraps the ball in brambles and shoots the ball straight towards the goal. Enemies in the path are bound to the ground by roots and cannot move. Even the goalkeeper can be affected by the brambles, which makes it extremely easy to score goals after such a shot.