Welcome to Mandatory V2!

Mandatory has a new look! New look and new games, but the same objective: to bring you the latest video game news, through the prism of esports and the community.

When we launched Mnadatory in April 2020, we decided to focus on Valorant for a while. We're extremely happy and proud of what we've managed to produce in record time, when Riot Games' FPS came out without warning. In the space of a year and a half, we were able to bring Valorant fans and professionals together . We have organised numerous tournaments that have become part of the official Valorant competitive circuit. We also have developed useful tools for both amateurs and enthusiasts.

The VALOTF Final 2021
The VALOTF 2021 Final which we had the pleasure to co-organise.

However, we feel that it is time to move on to the next stage. To do so, we need to develop this website and its architecture. This is how the ambition of a complete redesign was born.

Here it is! At least, its draft. Indeed, you are currently on the beta of Mandatory V2. This version is far from being perfect and all the elements we are working on are not yet ready to be deployed, but we felt it was necessary to make this transition as soon as possible in order to start on a new basis. In time, you should find everything you are used to seeing on Mandatory, and more.

Welcome to Mandatory V2! - mandatory v2 edito skillshot -
The redesign of the page Skillshots which will soon host your own videos.

The first thing you'll notice, besides the new design, is the appearance of a new game alongside Valorant. Indeed, Mandatory will now take interest in Trackmania, but not only! We will progressively offer articles, guides and tools for different games that are making the news in the gaming and the streaming world. More games will be coming very soon.

As such, our social networks will also evolve to share news, community content and great moments of video games, as a whole. Feel free to follow Mandatory on your favourite network:

Twitter / TikTok / Facebook / Instagram / YouTube / Twitch

We hope you enjoy this new version of the site! We are aware that not everything works perfectly yet, but everything will evolve very quickly during this beta phase. However, we encourage you to give us your feedback on our Discord or on the various social networks.

See you soon, on Mandatory!