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What is the MDI, the World of Warcraft competition in which Mandatory participates?

Mandatory now has its own team World of Warcraft ! Our five players are renowned competitors in their field: the MDI. But if you're not familiar with World of Warcraft or its competitive scene, maybe you need a little introduction to this very special competition? Then let's go!

What is the MDI?

The name MDI is an anagram for Mythic Dungeon International. This is an official World of Warcraft tournament organised by Blizzard that focuses on PVE rather than PVP. Unlike the Arena World Championship (AWC), which pits teams of three players against each other in an arena, the MDI is played in teams of five players in the various mythical dungeons of World of Warcraft.

In each match, two teams have the task to complete a series of dungeons as quickly as possible. A match is played in BO3 or BO5. The dungeons are selected in advance by the players via a pick & ban system. The pool of available maps is determined by Blizzard at the beginning of each season.

Goals and time management in a MDI match

Each dungeon is made up of a series of rooms with different enemies and bosses. The number of enemies and bosses changes with each dungeon. To complete a dungeon, you must eliminate all its bosses, but also kill a number of common enemies. Once these two objectives have been reached, the team's timer stops.

If a player dies, the team suffers a +5 second penalty to his time. If the punishment seems low, it is without counting on the fact that a dead player cannot be brought back to life before the end of the fight, unless he is ready to go all the way back to his team from the dungeon entrance. In the meantime, the team must fight with 4 instead of 5, which inevitably slows down the team's performance, and may even cause the death of other players. If all the players die (this is called a wipe), the players not only have to go all the way back, but the health of the opponents who have not yet died is completely healed and the fight has to be started again from the beginning.

Key level and Affixes, the special rules of the MDI

Many subtleties spice up the action and make each match unique. Indeed, the various dungeons to be completed are subject to various modifiers. The first is the key level. It represents in a way the level of difficulty opponents in the dungeon. The higher the key level, the higher the enemies' health and power.

As the key level is exponential, any additional key level can drastically change the difficulty of a dungeon. A +20 dungeon will have its enemies boosted by 380% of their normal stats. A +22 dungeon will have its enemies boosted by 481% of their normal stats.

The second modifier applied to dungeons is affixes. These are original features applied to players, enemies and/or monsters at dungeon launch.

These affixes can take many different forms. The Enraged affix causes enemies to become faster and more powerful as they lose health points. The Explosive affix regularly causes bombs to appear around players that they must destroy before they explode if they don't want to take extra damage.

Each dungeon has four different affixes. These include:

  • A Season affix; it is common to all dungeons until the end of the competitive season.
  • An enemy affix; it either boosts the dungeon bosses or boosts the monsters.
  • A minor affix from a pool of 5 different affixes.
  • One major affix from a pool of 5 different affixes.

The affixes for each dungeon are announced a week before the competition, so that the players have time to prepare their strategies. Teams must constantly adapt to these additional rules. A good MDI team must therefore be flexible, creative and fast.

Now you know everything there is to know about the MDI. If you want to follow the matches with us and support Mandatory, we recommend our article on the team's next matches, and our guide to understand the process of a match in the MDI.