Our WoW Team

Meet the players of the Mandatory World of Warcraft team

As we announced at the time of HammerTime, Mandatory now has its World of Warcraft team ! It is composed of Maystine, Skylarked, Moadmoad, Crims and Rx. They will soon be playing the grand finals of the MDI, the WoW PVE tournament. In order to get to know them a little better, we asked them a series of questions!

Mandatory: Hi team! Can you introduce yourself?

Maystine: My name is Guillaume, in game Maystine. I'm 25 years old and I've always loved playing video games from a very young age, until I discovered a great passion for competitive games.

Moadmoad: Hi, my name is Chris, born and raised in the Netherlands. I play WoW full-time, and love to compete in the MDI/TGP tournaments.

Crims: Norbert, Crims, 23, Poland, Poland.

Rx: My name is Tommy, but most people know me as "Rx". I am 21 years old, turning 22 on May 12th. I was born in Colombia but I've been living in Norway all my life.

Skylarked: Dugald Ritchie, Dug, 24, Australian living in the US currently 

Mandatory: When did you start playing World of Warcraft?

Maystine: I started playing WoW as a kid on my older brother's account. At that time, I had to go up to level 10, not more ! It was at the time of Vanilla or Burning Crusade, I don't remember... Then I played on my own account from Wrath of the Lich King, as a Druid heal. I was still in high school at the time. But my PC was not powerful enough for Cataclysm, the next expansion. I finally got back into the game with Mists of Pandaria and haven't left it since.

Moadmoad: I don't remember exactly when I started playing WoW, but I must have been 11 years old. I used to play with my brothers and had way too much fun on it as a kid. I didn't get to max levels then, because I spent my time recreating new characters. I've done a lot of WoW breaks before. It was when I came back to Battle of Azeroth with a more tryhard mindset, that I started to get involved in the competition. I was doing well in PVP at first, but it was hard to find teammates for arena, so I tried Mythics+ and have never let go since.

Crims: The first time I cast a spell on WoW, I must have been 11 years old, during Wrath of the Lich King. Some of my older friends were playing the game and introduced me to it. It was when I finished high school and was bored out of my mind that I really got into WoW, when Battle for Azeroth launched. Like Moadmoad, I played PVP at first, but got bored due to the lack of stable teammates. I then became passionate about Mytics+ with a constant desire to improve day by day. I played Healer for a while before specializing in DPS because I felt I couldn't influence the speed of dungeon completion.

Skylarked: I started playing WoW in highschool when MoP was released. I casually started playing with my brother and mostly did PvP.

Rx: I started playing world of warcraft in October 2019, this was during season 3 of the battle for azeroth expansion. What made me play was a friend I met in gta 5, she wanted me to try it. I had heard about this game in the past but I never thought it was something I would like.

Mandatory: And when did you start playing competitively for the MDI?

Skylarked: When Blizzard released the Challenge Mode for Warlords of Draenor, I got hooked and even got a few World Firsts. So inevitably, when they released Mythic+, I knew I could be good at it. I started playing MDI in 2018 with some friends, under the name Gulch Trotters. 

Rx: I started training for my first MDI in March 2022. I had no competitive experience before that. I had never planned to play in World of Warcraft tournaments, although the idea had crossed my mind.

Maystine: I started at the beginning of Shadowlands. I've always liked the competitive side of games. I'd tried competitive gaming before, but I couldn't find good mates and I had connection problems at the time. That's also why I went to WoW; it was much more permissive than games like League of Legends or Counter:Strike, when you have small lags.

Moadmoad: I also started in Season 1 of Shadowlands. I love the competition and improving as a player. At the time, we were just playing with friends and wanted to try our luck. The new expansion seemed like the best time to get into it. 

Crims: I have started playing in MDI Season 3 Shadowlands when our team formed. When it comes to WoW I always try to be the best player I can be and I love competing against the best players so inevitably I

Mandatory: How did you meet?

Maystine: Moad is someone I met during Battle for Azeroth. He was playing PVP at the time, and then he started playing PVE. Sky used to play in another team, but one day we decided to make a team together; I don't really remember how it happened...! Crims and Rx are players we met along the way and we quickly saw their potential.

Crims: The first person I have met was Rx in BFA in a M+ key as a Resto Druid we added each other to friendlist and ever since we just played together. I have met Moadmoad after I queue'd up to a key he was doing on his alt, holy paladin, it was the first key I've ever played with a popular player, so it was kind of stressful, I tried to prove that I'm a good player and then Moad added me to friendlist after a key and I was very happy.

Rx: I met Crims during Battle for Azeroth, I was tanking on protection warrior and he was healing on resto druid. We've been playing together since then.

Moadmoad: I met Maystine in BFA season 3, found him while pugging and immediatly recognized he was a great feral (feral wasn't very popular at the time) but I enjoyed playing with him so I added him and we started playing together quite often. I met Crims in a pug in Shadowlands and I was very impressed with his damage and defensive play, so likewise, I added him, and through him, I met Rx, who impressed me for the exact same reasons. I've met Skylarked through twitch DM's.

Skylarked: I was talking on Moad’s stream chat one day and he was making a fresh MDI team and invited me to tank for them.

Mandatory: Which classes do you prefer to play competitively?

Skylarked: I expect I will be a protection warrior the most in globals but I’m ready to play any of the tank classes wherever needed.

Rx: Since season 4 of Battle for Azeroth I've been playing a lot of different characters. Since Shadowlands, I'm able to play all 12 classes in the game or at least have a good idea of what they are. With a little bit of practice, I think I can play any class. At the moment, my best classes are in order: Death Knight, Thief, Monk and Priest.

Moadmoad: I've mained Priest, Shaman, Paladin and Evoker. If needed, I can pick up any of the other healers when they look promising.

Maystine: I'm mostly comfortable on casters, but I can play some melee too. In the team, we are quite flexible, which allows us to adapt the compo as we want.

Crims: I main Mage, but I play whatever is good for the tournament. For example, this season in MDI I mainly play Mage, Shaman, Priest.

Mandatory: How do you feel about joining Mandatory?

Moadmoad: I'm very excited and proud to join Mandatory. It's great to see established organizations get into WoW as I feel the game has been very underappreciated. I'll be glad to represent their brand.

Maystine: I'm HYPE crazy! It's a great opportunity, it was almost hard to believe at first because it's such a crazy project!

Crims: It's a new and exciting journey, something I have never been a part of before. I hope to have a good time in Mandatory!

Rx: I am excited to be a part of Mandatory, looking forward to see what is to come.

Skylarked: I’m very excited for the opportunity to play with Mandatory, I didn’t know what to expect when I joined team Monka, but now I know what we're capable of. With Mandatory sponsoring us, I know we can go even further together.

Mandatory: How will playing for an organisation change the way you approach the game?

Maystine: It's going to be a first for me so I'm not sure, but I know they'll be there to help us perform as well as possible.

Crims: No idea. We'll see!

Skylarked: It will give me more of an opportunity to stream and for the team to go further. Personally I’m looking forward to the bootcamps and getting to play on proper latency for competitions.

Rx: I don't think joining Mandatory will change too much for me, though it might bring a stronger feeling of having to perform well.

Moadmoad: I hope it'll bring stability to our team and will allow us to grow further as players.

Mandatory: Did you know ZeratoR and Mandatory before they asked you to join them?

Maystine: Yes, I've been following Zerator for a very long time. Since the Starcraft II days. I never got to know him before the team project.

Skylarked: No.

Crims: No, but now I know.

Moadmoad: I did not, as I'm not French or involved in the Valorant scene.

Rx: I did not know Zerator or Mandatory before Maystine told us all about it.

Mandatory: You're going to gain exposure with this, are you ready to handle it?

Maystine: Yes, I hope so! I'm not too worried about it, the stream has taught me how to deal with it.

Crims: 12. I don't really know how to feel about it yet, except that I know that I am going to be known among French community!

Rx: I think it's cool to have an audience like this.

Moadmoad: I've been to France on holiday a few times in my life and I love the country. It's definitely beautiful and I've always had great experiences with French people.

Skylarked: Through playing with people from every region I’ve discovered it really is a different scene from OCE, US to EU. But even though the WoW community is so diverse we always find stuff in common and learn from each other.

Mandatory: How would you describe yourself as a player?

Rx: I'm definitely more of a chill, laidback kind of player/person.

Maystine: I'm pretty chill, I think anyone who has played with me or just watched me stream can confirm that. During competitions, I'm very vocal. I try to call a lot of things to make sure everything goes well, whether it's the game plan or the CC rotations for example.

Skylarked: I would like to think that I’m laidback and good under pressure, but I have really high expectations for myself and the team.

Moadmoad: I'm pretty relaxed in practice, but in tournaments I'm a bit more intense.

Crims: I have my moments of being aggressive but I also have my moments of being laid-back it all depends on a situation. I am definitely a player that is willing to learn anything that I do not already know about and take inspiration from anyone and anything. PvE is so versatile that there is always something to learn.

Mandatory: Would you like to add a little word for the community?

Maystine: I'm very happy to be part of the WoW Mandatory team project and I hope the audience will like the show!

Moadmoad: I'm very grateful for the opportunity to join and hope we can win MDI this year!

You will be able to follow the first match of the Mandatory WoW team during the MDI Global Finals, on Friday 31st March 2023.