Our WoW Team

Meet Lapi and Kusa, the first Mandatory ambassadors

With the recruitment of our World of Warcraft team, we were also keen to recruit our first ambassadors: Lapi and Kusa. Blizzard's MMO is a very old and complex game, so getting two great specialists of the franchise to guide and explain the game to our audience seemed essential. Naturally, we wanted to ask them some questions about their relationship with WoW and their role as ambassadors.

Mandatory: Hello, could you both introduce yourselves, for those who don't know you?

Lapi:  And yo! I'm Lapi on the internet and in the stream. But in real life, it's Constantine. I'm slowly turning 31 and I've been on the internet since I was a kid. I've been streaming on Twitch daily for 9 years now... It makes me feel old when I think about it.

Kusa: Hello ! So I'm Kusa, or Alex in real life. I started streaming a bit by accident 7 years ago. People might think I only know World of Wacraft, but no, I've dabbled in a bit of everything, really. I started with Age of Empires 2 where I played a lot of Deathmatch. I spent quite a few years on Counter-Strike in LAN too (in the old way, we slept under the table, well the real LAN). I played Warcraft 3 and a lot of Dota 2. Saying that, I realize that I could have done multigaming actually... But yes I'm a WoW lover since the beginning. I fell into it by chance, thanks to some Irish friends who made me test the game and I never gave up.

Mandatory: When did you start playing World of Warcraft?

Lapi: On the first version of the game that is now called "Vanilla". I was introduced to the game by a friend, who was older than me and had access to a PC and an internet connection. Kevin, if you're passing by, thanks again!

Kusa: I was 15 years old, coming out of my big CS period when I discovered WoW. A crazy universe, an open world game, totally opposite to the RTS / FPS I was playing. I had a bunch of Irish buddies who went to the internet cafe and LANs with me, and when one of them told me about this game, I did everything I could to get a beta and test it. At launch, we all pexed together and I was the only one to complete the game. It was an ordeal at the time to get through 60 levels with no add-ons or anything. I remember using WoW Cartographer to help me with quests. At 15 years old doing quests and discovering the MMORPG, it was crazy when I think about it. I don't know if any young players today could tank that hahaha.

Mandatory: What did you like about the game?

Lapi: What immediately captivated me about the game was its social aspect. Being able to talk to people who share a common passion was crazy, especially at that time. I met people with whom I discovered the game, faced bosses, experienced epic moments, funny moments, each one crazier than the next. The fact that you have to combine the efforts of so many people, all different, to reach a common goal, it's incredible!

Kusa: I had never touched an MMO and I didn't know the Warcraft universe either. The open world and the atmosphere of the game got me hooked. I'll tell you, my first time in Stormwind with the music... I was coming from CS which was, well... different, shall we say. At the beginning of WoW, everyone was helping each other, talking to each other; it was really something special. It was a new beginning for me, compared to everything else I'd known. WoW is an amazing game and it's been like that for 18 years already. Even people who stop playing WoW keep coming back. And now we have the chance to have competitions, whether it's PVP or PVE.

Mandatory: Why did you go for the PVE side rather than PVP?

Lapi: I thought for a long time that it was possible to "finish" World of Warcraft and as such I wanted to do EVERYTHING. Both PvP and PvE. I had my periods in each mode, but always with a greater affection for PvE and its huge and epic sides, far too satisfying for me. Then with time I started to improve and get into the top level world in PvE, so I had to put the hola on PvP. Today, PvP is an old memory for me. Just like FFA, for that matter.

Kusa: In fact, I did more PVP than PVE at the beginning. But I've progressed to a high PVE level as PVE has evolved and become more interesting. If there's one thing Blizzard knows how to do well, it's PVE. Today it's even more tryhard than before! It really requires a lot of preparation and sacrifice.

Mandatory: How does it feel to join Mandatory today?

Lapi: It's an esport club with people I love, both players and staff, founded by someone who means a lot to me in my everyday life; how can I refuse? I'm happy to be able to help move the structure forward in my own way!

Kusa: It's incredible! Mandatory is one of the most serious structures on Valorant and to see such a serious structure interested and putting WoW in the spotlight, I am the happiest in the world! I can't wait for us to start working together to promote the game and the team! The arrival of MDR will perhaps even push other structures to invest in WoW.

Mandatory: How would you describe your role as an ambassador?

Lapi: I see my role as an ambassador as a way to help the fans with the general understanding of WoW, but also more globally, to help the club evolve in the long term. I'm also ready to wave my best hammers to motivate the players and the ultras!

Kusa: To put forward the team, the structure and the game. I hope to be able to create things around the game like we were able to create the FFA or even the RBG League! 

Mandatory: What do you think of the new Mandatory WoW team?

Lapi: The new MDR team on World of Warcraft represents the Club very well, for me. It's a team that has been together for a long time and is getting better and better, with a lot of potential. I've known them well for several years, especially Maystine. I'm sure they'll make you dream, even if there are monsters in front of them!

Kusa: The team is very strong; it's the most promising in a long time. WoW is a bit of a special game on the HL level. Since the beginning of the game, the guilds and structures that dominate only get dethroned because they decide to. Here, the MDR team made 2nd in the MDI and Great Push. You just have to be patient, work harder and harder. I hope that with Mandatory, they will be able to pass a new milestone.

Mandatory: What do you think makes them different from others?

Lapi: It is mainly the cohesion that sets them apart. They have been playing together for years, their synergies are real and in a group this is extremely important in victory as well as in defeat!

Kusa: They are young players on the MDI scene. It took them a year to find each other, but now I feel that nothing can stop them. The atmosphere is also very good, which is REALLY important. Quite often, teams on WoW don't give themselves time to progress, which is the key to success. I have the impression that they have understood this and step-up year after year.