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Mandatory WoW: follow-up to the Great Push 2023 Final

Just under a month ago, Mandatory qualified for the Great Push 2023. The winners of this competition will receive the largest share of the cashprize, which amounts to 120,000$. If they want to claim it, our players will have to be better than the five other participants. Follow the scores and daily qualifiers in our article. We will update it as information becomes available.

To support Maystine, Skylarked, Moadmoad, RX and crims, go to ZeratoR's Twitch channelfrom 7pm on Friday 18 August.

How the Grand Final works

The Great Push Final takes place from 18 to 20 August. The rules of the game are identical to those used during the group phase. And as before, each day of competition lasts five hours, from 7pm to midnight, not a minute (or even a second) longer. You can find all the information you need at our article dedicated to the Great Push.

  • On the first day, teams will receive a list of 4 dungeons and their affixes at 18h59. At the end of the time limit, the team in last place overall is eliminated.
  • The following day, Blizzard announced a new dungeon just minutes before kick-off. Teams still in contention maintain previous day's scores (Keys and Time). They can then try to improve them or choose to concentrate on the new dungeon. Another team is eliminated at the end of this session.
  • At the start of the final evening, a sixth dungeon is revealed. The aim is the same as on Day 2: to improve your scores and complete the new dungeon. There's no elimination in sight here, podium places are at stake.

Results from Day 1 (Final phase)

Although Echo took the lead at the end of the first day, the overall level of the teams has never been so close in the Great Push. Our players put up a good fight. Unfortunately, a small mistake on Asaad, the boss of the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon, cost us time.

Mandatory finishes sixth and was therefore eliminated from the tournament. Maystine, Skylarked, Moadmoad, RX and crims still get 10,000$ for their overall performance in this final, in addition to the 8,000$ obtained during the Great Push group phase.

Dungeons : Halls of Infusion, Freehold, Underrot and Vortex Pinnacle.

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
3NA'S Last Hope291h53m04s115
4Last Minute291h51m49s114

Results from Day 2 (Final phase)

Additional dungeon : Brackenhide Hollow

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
2NA's Last Hope302h32m34s147
5Last Minute302h31m21s146

Results from Day 3 (Final phase)

Additional dungeon : Vldaman: Legacy of Tyr

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
2NA's Last Hope303h07m31s177