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Mandatory WoW: Follow-up to Group A of the Great Push

This weekend sees the start of the group stage of the Great Push. The Mandatory World of Warcraft team is in Group A and will therefore have to play this evening. Follow the scores and qualifiers in our article, which we'll be updating every evening.

You can also follow the competition live on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7pm to midnight on the Kusa range.

If you're unfamiliar with the Great Push, we'll explain it all at our article dedicated.

How the group phase works

The Great Push group phase kicks off on Friday 21 July, from 7pm to midnight. Blizzard will be giving the first 4 dungeons and their affixes on which the different teams will have to play. At the end of the first day, the last team is eliminated.

The competition resumes on Saturday 22 July, at the same time. To kick off this second evening, Blizzard has announced a 5th dungeon to be added to the list. Teams keep their times from the previous day and can improve them if they wish, or they can concentrate on the new dungeon. A new team is eliminated at the end of this session.

Finally, the last stage of Group A takes place on Sunday, again from 7pm to midnight. A new dungeon is added to the list and the teams keep their times from the previous two days. Only the two best teams at the end of the day will be able to take part in the final.

Results from Day 1 (Group A)

Dungeons : The Azure Vault, Neitharion's Lair, The Underrot, The Vortex Pinnacle

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
4Dire Wolves2801:48:57.067109
6The Greg Push2701:47:16.320103

Results from Day 2 (Group A)

Additional dungeon : Freehold

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
4Dire Wolves3002:32:29.688145

Results from Day 3 (Group A)

Additional dungeon : Halls of Infusion

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
4Dire wolves3003:05:15.418173