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Mandatory finishes second at MDI Global Finals against Echo

Following a particularly intense last day, Mandatory finally lost to Echo in the grand finale of the MDI Global Finals. Maystine and his teammates fell in the loser bracket by a whisker before rallying to the final match against their rivals. The final match against Echo ended 3-1 for the favourites.

A close first meeting against Echo

The day started with the winner bracket final against Echo. A grand final before its time, in fact, against the tournament favourites. Mandatory managed to play almost equally throughout the match. Everything came down to the third and final map where both teams went for broke and took all the risks. So much so that on Halls of Valor, the boss Fenryr went on a rampage. The round ended with Echo winning with 6 deaths, while Mandatory had 13.

Propelled into the loser bracket, Mandatory had to face Legendary once again. The latter were in much better shape than in our first match and the game was once again very close. On the first map, Mandatory managed nothing less than a World Record.

On map 2, a bug caused enemies to temporarily disappear, which slowed down Mandatory enormously and allowed Legendary to come back to the score in the BO. Once again, everything came down to Halls of Valor in a very high tension match. Mandatory won the last map with only 3 seconds ahead on Legendary, which has never been so close to upset.

Mandatory vs Echo: the Grand Final

Mandatory won the right to face Echo again, this time in a BO5. The grand final was just as emotional as the previous matches.

On map 1, Azur Vault, Mandatory uses new pull strategies to surprise Echo and gain an unexpected advantage. That said, Echo was still a very strong team and their battle management allowed them to catch up. It was all going to come down to a matter of seconds in the final moments, but Echo makes a serious miscalculation by finishing their route with 99% of eliminated enemies instead of the 100% needed to validate a time. This oddity allows Mandatory to win the first map.

The second round was played on Temple of Jade Serpent. Echo started very badly by losing two players in the first pull. A mistake compensated by Mandatory's difficulties in destroying a scroll before the second boss. When Skylarked dies in a huge pull at the third boss, the game is definitely on for Echo. The aggro of the monsters is spread over the different players and it becomes too complicated to put it back on the tank. Maystine dies in turn and Mandatory is now a good minute behind, impossible to catch up.

Back in the Halls of Valor for the third round. It was Echo's turn to pull a trump card out of his sleeve by using a strategy not seen before. After killing Fenryr, the Echo players use their control spell rotations to draw a pack of enemies from the forest to Odyn's throne. They are then able to kill these creatures at the same time as the four kings and save considerable time. Despite exemplary play and no deaths, Mandatory cannot catch up and is forced to concede a second point to Echo.

This final game ended on Shadowmoon Burial Grounds. This was the tightest map of the BO5. The two teams adopted different strategies: Echo favours AOEs while Mandatory favours single target burst. Depending on the bosses, both teams were competing for the advantage. Echo started the last boss with a large lead, but Mandatory's DPS was larger. The suspense was at its peakBut Echo finally managed to kill the final boss, 6 seconds before Mandatory.

Echo won its sixth MDI title. But the Mandatory players did not lose out at all and were able to shake the favourites. Their second place still ensures them a cash prize of 80.000$.

The next esport event for our team will be The Great PushBlizzard will be revealing more details in the near future.