Our WoW Team

Mandatory qualifies for the World of Wacraft Great Push

The Great Push from World of Wacraft starts very soon. After a week of battle in the Proving Grounds, the top 18 teams have qualified for the group stage. Our World of Wacraft team is one of these teams and will be taking part in the tournament!

The results of the Proving Grounds

Here are the standings after the Proving Grounds, the qualifying round open to all. The 18 best teams are those who reach the highest key level as quickly as possible over the two dungeons in the event.

Most teams do not reveal their best strategies during this phase and are content with qualifying. Spying on strategies is a real issue in this type of competition, and teams save themselves for the more advanced phases.

  • 1st : Perplexed (31 Keys in 1h 03m 35s 838ms)
  • 2nd: Echo (31 Keys in 1h 04m 27s 335ms)
  • 3rd: NA's Last Hope (31 Keys in 1h 04m 34s 899ms)
  • 4th: Legendary (30 Keys in 1h 01m 57s 371ms)
  • 5th: Sheeesh (30 Keys in 1h 04m 44s 176ms)
  • 6th: Dire Wolves (30 Keys in 1h 04m 36s 271ms)
  • 7th: FSY (29 Keys in 1h 01m 12s 814ms)
  • 8th: Last Minute (29 Keys in 1h 02m 21s 842ms)
  • 9th: Last Moment (29 Keys in 1h 02m 30s 367ms)
  • 10th: Ready Checks (29 Keys in 1h 02m 49s 049ms)
  • 11th: Y (29 Keys in 1h 02m 51s 896ms)
  • 12th: Mandatory (29 Keys in 1h 03m 01s 422ms)
  • 13th: Skyline (29 Keys in 1h 04m 34s 982ms)
  • 14th: Empyrean (29 Keys in 1h 04m 40s 697ms)
  • 15th: cool beans (29 Keys in 0h 59m 51s 221ms)
  • 16th: Nocco (29 Keys in 1h 00m 18s 819ms)
  • 17th: Sloth (29 Keys in 1h 00m 35s 311ms)
  • 18th: The Greg Push (29 Keys in 1h 01m 26s 290ms)

The Greath Push 2023 Groups

Here is the breakdown of the groups, unveiled on 12 July. Mandatory will therefore play in Group A. This is the group with the top finishers from the Proving Grounds. As there are only two teams per group moving on to the next stage, the competition is going to be fierce!

Group A
from 21 to 23 July

  • Perplexed
  • Dire Wolves
  • Fsy
  • Mandatory
  • Skyline
  • The Greg Push

Group B
from 28 to 30 July

  • NA's Last Hope
  • Legendary
  • Last Moment
  • Ready Checks
  • Cool Beans
  • Nocco

Group A
from 4 to 6 August

  • Echo
  • Sheesh
  • Last Minute
  • Y
  • Empyrean
  • Sloth