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Mandatory qualifies for the Great Push Final

This weekend saw the first group stage of the Great Push. The World of Wacraft team of Mandatory was part of the Group A and set the ball rolling alongside 5 other teams. After 15 hours of frantic racing, Mandatory finished second in its group and qualifies for the grand final in August 2023.

A very tight group stage

The competition kicked off on Friday evening for Group A, with 4 dungeons to be completed as quickly as possible. At the end of the first day, Perplexed (the team that finished first in the qualifiers) was leading the way and was the only team to have reached Key 30 in one of its dungeons. Meanwhile, Mandatory was second overall, with a large lead on the clock on the other teams.

Things gradually took a turn for the worse on the second day, with one less team but an extra dungeon to complete. Mandatory takes the lead by a single point, but all the teams were within a whisker of each other in terms of score. Nothing was certain until day 3, which turned out to be even more exciting than expected.

The last 4 teams in the running took every risk to increase their scores and improve their times, so much so that when the final whistle blew, all eyes were riveted on the team's last clear attempt. FSY. If they managed to finish the dungeon faster than Mandatory, they would take second place and eliminate our players. But despite FSY's best efforts, they were unable to finish in time, which confirmed Mandatory's second place and qualification for the final.

On the podium, the scores were extremely close. Only the players from Perplexed managed to reach la Clé 31But it all came down to one point between each team.

Final Group A standings

PlaceTeamMax keyTotal timeScore
4Dire wolves3003:05:15.418173
6The Greg Push2701:47:16.320103

See you in final

Thanks to its second-place finish, Mandatory has qualified for the Great Push Grand Final, which will be held at the following venues from 18 to 20 August.

This gives the team a month to prepare for new performances. The cards will be reshuffled at that point, as the list of dungeons and affixes will be different. It's also worth remembering that there's no seeding, so all teams start on an equal footing when they discover the event on the day of the competition.