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Mandatory launches its World of Warcraft team

This is a whole new chapter in the history of Mandatory which is starting up. As announced by ZeratoR at the HammerTime, Mandatory launches its new esport team on World of Warcraft !

Rather than focusing on the PVP aspect of Blizzard's famous MMO, we decided to dive headlong into the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI), the official PVE circuit of World of Warcraft. This very special competition, which can be compared to a speedrun tournament, focuses on preparation, strategy, speed, precision and of course teamwork.

So Mandatory decided to recruit the team previously known as Monka. The team consists of 5 international players, 3 of whom are already MDI veterans and 2 of whom are new, highly visible prodigies.

  • Maystine, the French player, is the captain of the Mandatory team. He is the best Feral Druid in the Mythic+ ranking.
  • Skylarked, Australian player who immigrated to the United States, is the team's tank at the controls of his Warrior. He has been participating in the MDIs since 2018.
  • Moadmoad, player from the Netherlands, is one of the best healers in the world. While his Priest is well known and respected, he is also an exceptional Holy Paladin.
  • Rxn, Norwegian player, is a versatile DPS who can play Monk, Rogue and Death Knight. He is the youngest player in the team, but already competes with the greatest.
  • Crims, Polish player, is the other DPS of the team thanks to his special Fire Mage. He has very little experience in DPS and yet he has already made a huge impression with his efficiency.

After winning the qualification and group stages, the team has qualified for the MDI Grand Final, which will take place from Friday 31st March to 2nd April 2023 ! You can of course follow the matches on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.

In addition to this team, Mandatory is proud to welcome its first two ambassadors to accompany the players: Lapi and Kusa.

Mandatory launches its World of Warcraft team - lapi 3 -
Mandatory launches its World of Warcraft team - kusa 3 -

Whether you follow World of Warcraft or ZeratoR, you're probably already familiar with Lapi. This MMORPG streamer is known for his PVE skills and raid leadership. He streams several hours of World of Warcraft daily on his Twitch channel.

Kusa is a World of Warcraft streamer specialized in PVE, but also an esport enthusiast and ambassador of the game in France. He broadcasts and comments various competitions on his Twitch channel, starting with the MDI.

Please feel free to follow and support our 7 newcomers on their different networks:

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