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Team Echo wins the Great Push 2023

After more than seven weeks of intense, relentless competition, Great Push 2023 has come to an end. The final was extremely close, and the overall level of the participants very impressive. At the end of the three-day rush, team Echo finished top of the overall standings with 179 pointswinning another TGP trophy.

Echo dominates the competition

Many players, casters and Great Push enthusiasts agree that this new edition is undoubtedly the most intense in the history of the tournament. The six teams that qualified showed that they deserved their place from the very first attempts on Friday evening.

Echo, future winner of Great Push 2023, first tackled Freehold and UnderrotIn these two dungeons, the team tried to reach key 29 before moving on to the next ones. In doing so, the team hovered near the bottom of the daily leaderboard for a while. Nevertheless, they took the lead at the end of the day, thanks to their feat on Underrot : obtain key 30with a lead of over a minute.

During the second day, Echo performed just as well. As time went on, victory became closer. Echo's players were innovative and managed to finish bosses in record time, while the other competitors struggled more on the same dungeons. Not everything was perfect, however, as they still had to redo some runs after failing to complete them. of the wipe during their +29 run on Vortex Pinnacle.

Despite this, and not surprisingly, Echo retained pole position at the end of the second day. NA's Last Hope's efforts to climb onto the top step of the podium were in vain. Echo finally secured victory on day 3, when she picked up key 31 on Brackenhide Hollowsetting a world record in the process.

Echo displays 179 points when the final gong sounded, two more than the Americans. Already victorious on several occasions in the past, they added another title to their trophy cabinet.

Our Mandatory WoW team was also unlucky. Maystine, Skylarked, Moadmoad, RX and crims were eliminated on the first day of the Final, due to a backlog accumulated as a result of an unsuccessful attempt on Asaadthe boss of the Vortex Pinnacle dungeon. Our players still finished in sixth place and pocketed the 10,000$ provided for this rank.

Final ranking Great Push 2023

  • 1st - Echo - 120 000$
  • 2nd - NA's Last Hope - 80 000$
  • 3rd - Perplexed - 40 000$
  • 4th - Legendary - 30 000$
  • 5th - Last Minute - 20 000$
  • 6th - Mandatory - 10 000$