How to manage your boost?

In a racing game, it's often about speed. Hot Wheels Unleashed is no exception, as boost management is the main skill to master if you want to become a better driver. Not only do you need to know how to use it properly, but also how to gain more of it as you go through the tracks. Find out all the information you need to know about boost in our guide.

The different boost gauges

There are two forms of boost gauges. The different cars have one or the other. It is either a bar or boost pellets. You cannot directly change this aspect of the car, but with upgrades it can be changed spontaneously.

  • Bar This classic gauge works as you would expect. If you hold down the boost button, you consume it until it is empty.
  • Pastille Depending on the vehicle, you will have more or less pellets. Also, the number can vary with upgrades. In this case, the usage is a bit different. If you press the boost button, you automatically use a whole tablet. If you keep pressing it, you will use the next one and so on.
Example of boost tablets
Boost - Tablets
Example of a boost bar
Boost - The bar

How to get a boost?

As you may have already realised, in Hot Wheels Unleashed, boost is the lifeblood of the game! Whether it's to overtake an opponent at the last moment or to get back in the lead, you'll always find a use for it.

To use boost, you need to have some. Don't panic, if you have played before, you know that the boost recharges spontaneously over time. However, you may have already had the impression that other players had more boost or that theirs reloaded more quickly. This is possible! There are several ways to maximize the boost recharge. Also, when you use either method, you will see that the boost insert will start to glow blue.

Method 1 - The drift

The best way to drive well and recharge your boost gauge quickly involves drifting. Drifting is simple: you slide along the road when necessary. This is especially the case in U-turns. Be careful, if the turn is too tight, it is better to slow down and avoid drifting.

To drift, all you have to do ispress the brake button when you enter the corner. You don't need to hold it down, just engage the manoeuvre. When it is done, you must directly giving your vehicle direction. This depends on the turn encountered.

As soon as you engage a drift, you build up boost.

It is important to avoid boosting at the moment of drifting, or even during drifting, at the risk of losing control of your vehicle. However, it can be useful to give a slight boost when you want to get out of the drift.

Method 2 - Aspiration

You've probably already heard of suction when watching bike or Formula 1 races. This physical phenomenon also exists in Hot Wheels Unleashed. So when you stay behind an opponent's carYou automatically get boost; at least you recharge it faster.

Method 3 - Boost chargers

If you are not yet familiar with drifting or there is no one around, you may wonder how to get boost efficiently. The answer is simple: use the boost chargers! Throughout the course you will encounter shaded areas with blue flames. These areas are there to fill, more or less, your boost gauge. Do not neglect them. Also, to take full advantage of them, you need to know where they are on the circuit. This will take some practice and repetition, but in the end you will be rewarded.

Use the boosters to replenish your supply.

Method 4 - Boost blocks

Unlike the three previous methods, this last technique allows you to get instant boost. Indeed, the speed gain granted by the boost blocks does not involve your own boost reserve. However, this beneficial effect is rather short-lived.

With the speeds you face during a game, it is important to understand how these blocks work. Your car doesn't have to go all the way through a block to give you the bonus. In fact, you are only you don't even have to put a tyre on it ! The hitbox of boost blocks is relatively large and not flat. This means that after a jump for example, you can literally jump over it, and get boost, as long as you are in the hitbox area.

Boost blocks offer an instant speed boost

The start-up boost

A good start means gaining places right from the start of the race, but it is also and above all an opportunity to easily obtain maximum boost and speed. There are several types of starts:

  • Start-ups without a visual. This is the case in most races. Successfully completing this type of start requires training and precise timing. You can easily get up to 3 boost pellets.
  • Starting up with the sidebar. In this situation, you have a gauge divided into several colours. You have to move a slider in this gauge to get boost. Again, you can gain up to 3 boost pellets.

To find out more and get a boost every time, visit our guide to perfect starts.

How to use your boost?

Since boost management is an important skill, it quickly differentiates good players from others. To become particularly effective, you must use it wisely. But then, how do you determine whether it is actually the right time or not?

Use the in circuit sections that do not have blocks or boost stripsThis is even more the case when it is a straight line. On the other handDo not boost in a turn, where you risk turning over. In this situation, it will be more interesting to use it at the exit of the turn to go even faster. If you have successfully drifted, your gauge may be full!

There is another idea that needs to be integrated quickly in order to become a good pilot: except in exceptional cases, there is no point in staying on your boosting reserve. It's there, so use it! Don't be afraid of running out of boost, as it recharges itself and you can make it easier to recharge.

Finally, if the tour includes loopsIn order to do this, you absolutely must have boost when you enter the loop. To be more precise, you will need use your boost in the rising part looping. Without it, and if you don't have enough speed when you arrive, you have no chance of doing the trick without falling.

Special cases

During your games, you have probably already encountered the volcano bends or the spider webs. In both of these situations, you might want to use boost, but this is a mistake.

When you get nailed to the ground by a spider's webWait! This trap is based on precise timing to free youThis means that using boost to escape has no purpose other than to waste boost. This means, that using boost to escape is not useful other than wasting boost. Be patient and use your boost battery at the time of your release. This will allow you to get back into the race and catch up if you fall behind. Note also that it is not possible to get caught twice in a row, so you can speed up without worrying about getting caught again.

Example of an obstacle: the spider's web.

Let's talk about volcano. The use of the boost is to be avoided in its turns. The higher you go, the tighter they get. To use boost is to risk hitting the side of the road and going off track after a rollover. Instead of spending boost, take advantage of this area to fill your gauge if it's not full: it's time to drift!

Useful information

If you are particularly fond of a car, be careful when making upgradesNot only can they change the overall feeling of driving, but they can also impact the quantity boost. Indeed, when upgrading, some cars get better acceleration, at the expense of their boost. Your dream car can go from 4 to 3 boost pellets, for example.

Now all you have to do is get the rubber on and prove to the other players that you are the best driver! For more information on Hot Wheels Unleashed, please visit our guides page.