Play Hot Wheels Unleashed ZLAN maps created by ZeratoR

For the ZLAN 2022, ZeratoR has created the tracks that will be played in the competition, on the game Hot Wheels Unleashed. If you want to train for your participation, or simply test its content, follow our guide.

List of tours created by ZeratoR

ZeratoR has created 4 circuits for the ZLAN 2022! Each circuit must be played with a predefined vehicle. The ZLAN players have obtained the vehicles beforehand, but you will have to unlock them yourself.

Here are the different Hot Wheels Unleashed tracks created by ZeratoR:

  • Circuit 1 - BaieTonneHierV2 driving the Total Disposal
  • Circuit 2 - Bah... skate V4 at the wheel Hot Wheels High
  • Circuit 3 - Volcut at the wheel Roller Toaster
  • Circuit 4 - Auto and Khôlle driving the Bump Around

Keep these circuit names handy, you'll need them!

Step 1 - Find the ZeratoR circuits

Before you can play on the circuits, you have to find them. To do this, go to Track Builder > Community Tracks.

Step 1 - The Track-Builder tab

Here you must click on No filter at the bottom left of the screen or press the Backspace key (default on the keyboard). You should get the following screen, offering you a menu. This is the first line that interests you: "Search".

Step 2 - Search for the circuit by its name.

For the following, we will take the example of the first map created by ZeratoR, namely "Volcut". Enter the name in the search barand then press space to confirm. If all goes well, you have reached the track. There is no function to download the tracks for easy play; you must click on Add to favourites at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3 - Add the tour to your favourites.

The first stage is now complete. Read on to find out how to play on this saved track.

Step 2 - Playing the ZeratoR circuits

Now that you have bookmarked the track (or tracks), you can start racing. Note: you will only be able to play it alone, and without an AI.

Since it is not possible to download a tour directly, you must go directly to the Fast modes. When it is done, click on Time Trial.

Step 1 - Join the Time-Attack races

Next, you must click on Community routesat the bottom of the screen. Now click on theFavourites tab. Here you will find all the tours you have bookmarked.

Step 2 - The Favourites tab

All you have to do is click on select (or press Enter). The circuit will then start automatically.

Now all you have to do is turn the key, warm up the engine and beat the official times! If you're looking to improve your driving, boost management or perfect starts, find all the essential information in our various guides.