Beginner's Guide to Hot Wheels Unleashed

To become a good driver and dominate the tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed, you'll need to practice, that's a fact. However, you can easily improve your performance even as a novice. Check out all our tips in this beginner's guide.

Play the game

The first and simplest advice we can give you is to simply play the game.
If you have played other racing games such as Forza or Trackmania, you will easily concede that the physics of these games are quite different.

So are these titles, Hot Wheels Unleashed has its own physics. Nothing will be more effective than playing to understand it. You will quickly understand that it is not all about speed. During your first few games, don't look for the podium. Try to see how your car reacts when you brake, accelerate or how the collision system works. In addition, you will have the opportunity to discover the different road blocks available in the game, but also the obstacles you might encounter.

Departures are important!

It's no secret that Hot Wheels Unleashed is a racing game! As in any good game of the genre, the start is an important moment of a race. The start of the race offers the possibility to gain speed from the start, but also build up boost. As the game progresses, you will encounter two types of starts: those with a visual cue, a sidebar, and those without. Whether you are faced with one or the other method, there is a way to optimize your tee shot to make a good start.

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Boost management

If you've already played a few games, you'll have understood: boost management is an essential mechanic. To become a good Hot Wheels Unleashed player, you need to know how to use it correctly, but also understand how to get it back. Sure, the boost gauge recharges itselfBut you can optimise and accelerate this recharge. To do this, you can drift, use suction or drive on the boost-strips scattered around the tracks.

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Air-time management

In all the circuits, you will have to manage your vehicle in the air at some point. This is especially the case after some jumps. When you find yourself in the air, your primary objective is to land properly. You must avoid forward stinging at all costs. Instead, try to stay as horizontal as possible to get all four wheels on the ground at the same time.

Also, you should understand that in some situations the game requires you to turn your vehicle 180 degrees to move from one part of the track to another. If you have difficulty with this type of obstacle, do the same race over and over again. Once you are comfortable, you will have a considerable advantage over some of your opponents.

Sometimes you can avoid using the reset button when you are in the air. Instead, use boost to steer, like a rocket. This technique takes some practice. Once you have mastered it, you can even use it to take shortcuts.

Learn to drift

Of the few game mechanics you need to master quickly, drifting is probably number one. Not only does it allow you to better pass some of the curvesIt's a fairly easy skill to understand, but it does take a little practice to get it right. It's a fairly easy skill to understand, but requires a bit of practice to use properly.

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Use the reset if necessary

As a beginner, and even after several hours of play, you will tend to go off course. When this happens, and if it is not desired, don't waste time: use the reset button! This feature is there for a reason. When you fall, you fall. In any case, you will have to reappear, so do it as soon as possible. You will probably waste less time repositioning yourself on the circuit than waiting in a vacuum to see if you don't make it.

Don't waste your resources and money

You will quickly understand, if you haven't already, that resources are not so easy to get. It is the same with coins. However, these are important for allow you to upgrade your vehicles or buy new ones. It is therefore important to use them effectively.

As far as the parts are concerned, don't buy new circuits willy-nillyThe only way to get the most out of the game is to use 300 coins in the wind. Start with the career mode (City Rumble) if you want to unlock a number of them quickly. Similarly, buying a mystery box costs 500 coins. Thanks to the story mode, you can get them easily so you don't have to spend everything. This doesn't stop you from buying some from time to time, you might get a Rare or even Legendary car. In case you run out of coins, you can resell your duplicate cars for a certain amount.

This brings us to resources. To get them easily, you can choose, not to resell your duplicates, but to dismantle them. The amount of gear you get varies depending on the vehicle and its level. Knowing that an upgrade from Common to Rare is worth 200 and that an upgrade from Rare to Legendary will require 500 gears, it goes without saying that you will need a good amount of gears if you want to get all the vehicles in Legendary.

Don't overlook obstacles

Obstacles are not called that for nothing. They're there to get in your way, and they do it well. In a game with so much speed, you could easily think that you just have to run into the obstacles, even if it means losing some speed. This is a mistake! Some obstacles, like barriers, break and slow you down a lot. Others, however, like cobwebs, blocking you completelyNo matter what your initial speed is.

Not all obstacles are present in every race. Here is a list of some of the obstacles at play:

  • Barriers, which stop you and slow you down,
  • Tornadoes, which can push you into the walls or even off the track,
  • The snake mouth, which opens and closes,
  • Spider webs, which stick to the floor,
  • The clouds of vapours, which push you,

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Now it's time to get started! To find all of our Hot Wheels Unleashed guides, go to the following page.