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When you were younger, you may have played with little Hot Wheels cars on the floor mats. Now you can feel the adrenaline of racing in Hot Wheels Unleashed. To become the best and aim for the top of the podiums, you need to understand some mechanics. We have prepared a series of guides for those who want to improve and progress quickly in this epic game!

Check out our tips for getting started on Hot Wheels Unleashed!

Beginner's Guide to Hot Wheels Unleashed

Training will be the key to dominating your opponents. However, there are a few tricks to dominating the circuits, even as a novice. Find out all our tips in this beginner's guide.

Boost management is a skill to be mastered quickly.

How to manage your boost?

Boost management is a skill you need to master if you want to become a driving ace in Hot Wheels Unleashed. Find out in this guide how to use it better.

Become a great driver with perfect starts!

How to make a perfect start?

From loss of speed to lack of boost, the first few seconds of a race can be difficult if you've missed your start. Become a starting pro with this guide.

Find out how to play the ZeratoR tracks, designed for the ZLAN 2022.

How to play on ZeratoR tracks?

Discover the list of tracks created especially for the ZLAN 2022, but also and especially how to train on them.