Hollow Knight Silksong

On which consoles is Silksong released?

Hollow Knight Silksong is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the last few years. Even though its release date has long been unclear, the media and consoles on which the game will be released are already known.

Hollow Knight Silksong on Switch

When Hollow Knight was announced on February 14, 2019, the very first trailer was broadcast directly on the official Nintendo of America channel. The game will therefore be released on Nintendo Switch. The first demos of the game were even playable a few months later, on Nintendo's booths at E3, PAX and Paris Games Week.

Hollow Knight Silksong on Xbox and GamePass

After more than three years of silence, Team Cherry reappeared at E3 2022 with new images of the game. This time, the announcement was made by Microsoft who confirmed two things. The first is that the game will be released before June 2023. The second is that the game will be available on Xbox Series and free of charge on the GamePassas soon as it is released.

Hollow Knight Silksong for PlayStation 4 and 5

The announcement was less grandiloquent than that of its competitors, but Sony did confirm in a tweet in September 2022 that Silksong will also be released on its consoles. The game will therefore be available both on PS4 than on PS5. However, it has not been confirmed whether these versions will be released at the same time as the others.

Silksong on PC and Steam

Going back to the original Silksong announcement, the first trailer was accompanied by the opening of an official website. On this website, the logo of Steam, GOG and Humble Bundle displayed. They're still there to this day, so there's no reason to think that things have changed on that front. On the other hand, there is no information about the Epic Game Store.

Hollow Knight was a PC game first and foremost and the Kickstarter campaign was made around this medium. So there was little doubt that the game would be released on PC. The Silksong project actually started as a DLC for Hollow Knight. This DLC was to be a reward to be unlocked through the Kickstarter that funded the game. As time went on, what was supposed to be a small add-on campaign grew into a full-fledged game. This is why Silksong is considered a new episode to be released. All those who supported the game's participatory campaign at the time will receive a free copy of the game on its release.

In short, everyone will be able to play Silksong and maybe even at release! At least, as long as you have a console or a PC. All you have to do is wait until it's available.