Hollow Knight Silksong

Release date of Hollow Knight Silksong

Silksong is the object of all the fantasies of fans of the first game, as is its release date. Announced in 2019, the sequel to Hollow Knight has been long awaited, but it should indeed be released in the first half of 2023.

Silksong to be released in 2023

In 2022, there was no E3, but Microsoft and Xbox still made a point of presenting their plans for the coming year online. We were assured that all the games shown during this presentation would be released in the next 12 months. Among the many games presented, there was Hollow Knight Silksong. Xbox took the opportunity to announce that the game would be available on Xbox Game Pass upon its release.

As this presentation took place on 12 June 2022, this means that Silksong should be released before 12 June 2023, at the latest.

That said, we are of course not immune to delays and postponements, but since we have not had any further information or denials from the developers, there is no indication that plans have changed.

The Valentine's Day rumour

The most common theory regarding the release of Silksong is that it was Valentine's Day. The first Hollow Knight was released on 24 February 2017. The announcement of Silksong and its very first trailer have been unveiled 14 February 2019. Fans are therefore expecting the game to be released in February, preferably with an announcement on the 14th and a release date of 24th February 2023.

We had no news on 24 February 2023, but all is not lost for the anniversary of the licence.

Why hasn't Hollow Knight Silksong been released yet?

Hollow Knight Silksong was originally intended to be Hollow Knight DLC. This was one of the goals when Team Cherry launched a Kickstarter to fund the game. The DLC was to allow the player to redo the whole of Hollow Knight, but in control of Hornet, the "rival" of the player's knight.

Time passed and the developers' ambitions grew. They had already designed so many new enemies and bosses that the idea of create a sequel, rather than just additional contentbegan to germinate. And so, almost two years to the day after the release of Hollow Knight, they unveiled the first trailer for Silksong, a game based entirely around Hornet.

This change of scale naturally imposed a whole new development cycle for the developers and long years of waiting for the fans. All the more so as the conditions are very particular. As a reminder, Team Cherry consists of only 3 peopleThis is in contrast to other projects of this scale, which usually have teams of several dozen developers. In addition, the COVID 19 pandemic has certainly had an impact on everyone's working conditions. Add to this the fact that one of the members of Team Cherry is now a fatherIt's easy to see why it took so long to get to play Hollow Knight Silksong.

There is also one last element that should not be overlooked: the pressure on Team Cherry's shoulders. Hollow Knight has instantly become a classic. A cult game enjoyed by a very wide range of gamers, from veterans to casual gamers. In just 2 weeks, Hollow Knight had sold 250,000 copies on Nintendo Switch alone, even though the game had already been out for 2 years on other platforms. Silksong is probably one of the most anticipated games of recent years, and audiences will find it difficult to accept a sequel that is not at least as excellent and rich in content as its predecessor.