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Guide: Master Raze, tips, tricks and advices

15th April 2020 – 03:33am

Raze is one the Agent you need to unlock in Valorant. She’s an explosive duelist who doesn’t go in for subtleties. She specialises in devastating areas attacks, forcing her opponents to move and be reactive if they don’t want to go up in smoke.

Raze’s kit makes her particularly effective at the beginning of a round, when there are many opponents to face. However, her potential decreases if the game goes on and on.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Raze's abilities.

Using Raze's abilities

Raze's abilities are all based on explosions. Keep in mind that your explosives can hurt your opponents as much as your allies… or yourself. You’ll then never throw a Paint Shell under your own feet and you’ll not even try to rocket-jump with your precious Showstopper.

Paint Shells is by far the best ability of Raze. It combines heavy damage with a large and persistent area of effect. Even if it doesn’t always kill, it will at least slightly damage your enemies before shots are fired. Its potential is even higher in synergy with other abilities like Sage Slow Orb or by taking advantage of the chaos of a gunfight to throw a Paint Shell behind your opponents.

Boom Bot is also a formidable tool, able to kill in one hit a full life opponent. By positioning it so that it bounces off the corners, it can be used as a tracking drone. It’s not really useful to use it in a single corridor, your opponents can destroy it in a few bullets. Also, don’t accompany it too closely, it could explode on your face.

Finally, Raze has a Blast Pack. It’s an ability that can be used in two ways. Its first use consists in using it as a trap. The Blast Pack do wonders in defense or to control comings and goings. You can even hide it next to the Spike (planted, or even after killing the Spike carrier) to use it as a bait.

You can also use the Blast Pack to move around. As Raze doesn’t take damage from her own Pack, she can propel herself by detonating it under her feet. This allows her to reach heights comparable to those of Jett’s Tailwind. To maximise the height, jump at the exact moment you detonate the pack and lower yourself in the air to bend your legs. You can also use the pack to propel yourself to the sides rather than upwards, if you need to get out of Sage Slow Orb or a Viper poison cloud for example.

Showstopper, Raze's Ultimate

Showstopper is Raze's Ultimate ability. It’s hard to make less subtle than a good old rocket launcher. This one fires a high-speed missile that detonates on impact, killing everyone in the blast zone. Of course, it wreaks havoc on group of enemies or in corridors. Never directly aim for an opponent with your rocket launcher, they could just step aside. Instead, shoot the ground to create an explosion as close as possible to your target.

Be careful, once the rocket launcher is out, you only have a few seconds to use it.

Playing Raze in Attack

Raze has the advantage of having a fairly complete kit that works both in Attack and in Defense. in Attack, she can use her Boom Bot as a scout to secure corridors. However, her efficiency is reduced at most bomb sites because enemies at a distance will know it’s better not to shoot her if they don’t want to reveal their position.

This is where Paint Shells comes in, able to dislodge opponents who think they're safe. Combined with a Slow Orb, your opponents will have absolutely no chance of escaping your explosions.

Once the Spike is planted, you can use your Blast Packs to protect it or to protect the site entrances.

Playing Raze in Defense

Raze strategies are not that different from the one used in Defense, they just need to be adapted. If the Blast Pack remains excellent to securise entrances to a site, it can also be used to reach the top of a wall or a stack of boxes to get a better view of an area. Paint Shells will be even more devastating if you throw them in a corridor as soon as you hear enemies approaching.

Boom Bot use is a bit more complex. By using its rebounds well, you can make it go back and forth to monitor an entrance, but its lifetime being limited, you are likely to waste it. You should perhaps use it to track down an enemy if you know where they are hidden.

As every duelist, you can also use Raze to bypass opponents. Her explosives will wreak havoc if they manage to surprise a team.

Few tips and tricks:

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