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Guide: Master Cypher, tips, tricks and advices

15th April 2020 – 9:33am

Cypher is one the Agent you have to unlock in Valorant. It’s one of the Sentinel specialised in keeping under surveillance every opponent’s movement.

Although he is a rather lonely Agent, he shines especially when he is played with responsive teammates. He is able to control an entire zone by himself, waiting for his allies to back up. He uses many spy gadgets for this.

Before anything else, we advise you to familiarise yourself with Cypher's abilities.

Using Cypher's abilities well

Cypher is an Agent who requires preparation to reveal his full potential. By jointly using each of his abilities, he can make an area impenetrable for his opponents.

Use Trapwires in the corridors leading to zones to reveal durably your opponent’s position to your team. The unfortunate who crosses your trap will also be slowed down, making them totally vulnerable. Cypher and his teammates can remain hidden until the Trapwire is activated and then punish the reckless opponent. Since enemy can destroy Trapwires, place them smartly so that the laser is only visible when it’s too late.

Cybercage is also a surveillance tool to deploy. Place it on the ground, in a doorway or in an corridor. If an enemy is in its range, you’ll hear a small audio notification. By activating your cage, you will be able to trap your opponent and immobilise them for a time, which will give you time to position yourself or ask for backup.

Cypher's Spycam allows you to keep an eye on a place without taking risks, even if it’s very far from you. It allows you to stay as 5 close to a bomb site while monitoring another. Place it in rather raised places, on spots which allow you to monitor several entrances at the same time. Used with the cage, you will be able to activate the latter much more efficiently.

It’s essential to vary the places you put your traps at when you play Cypher. They will always work the first time, but your enemies will start to notice your habits if you always place your camera at the same spot. Find 3 different layouts for your abilities for each Spike site and alternate between them, otherwise Cypher will quickly lose his efficiency.

Neural Theft, Cypher's Ultimate

Cypher’s Ultimate ability is technically a short wallhack for your entire team. It highlights the location of all alive opponents to you and your allies. The opponents are also shown on the minimap and we advise you to take a look at it immediately after launching the ability.

Don’t use Neural Theft where you’re already greatly disadvantaged. In a scenario when you are alone against four players, you have too little chance of winning the round and will be the only one to benefit from this crucial information. Instead, use Neural Theft to secure victory in a balanced round or already to your advantage.

Playing Cypher in Attack

Even in attack, Cypher fulfils a rather defensive role. By using his Trapwire and his Cybercage, he prevents enemies from bypassing you. An enemy detected behind the team’s back is potentially in a weak situation if the whole Cypher team rushes them after they’re detected.

The Trapwire also makes it possible to monitor comings and goings of players between two Spike sites. Cypher can also use his camera to better see in these corridors or even to inspect a site, even if it will probably be destroyed very quickly by enemies.

Playing Cypher in Defense

Cypher excels in defense. He takes full advantage of the buy phase to establish his strategy and decide where to put each of his traps and devices. He can exempt his whole team from monitoring one of the sites thanks to an ingenious use of each of his abilities. Cypher can accompany his four allies to site A and inspect site B using his camera. If there’s trouble at site A, he turns off his camera and is ready to fight. If it’s on site B, he can warn his team and everyone can leave to reposition themselves.

Few things to know:

  • Neural Theft can only be used on a opponent’s corpse, dead for less than 7 seconds. Try to decide rather quickly if you want to use it or not.
  • The Trapwire can be placed on floors, ceilings and irregular surfaces as well as on walls. Be creative.
  • Opponents who trigger the Trapwire only have a few seconds to destroy it before it slows them down.