Valorant : Presentation

All our Valorant Guides to learn and improve

10th July 2020 – 6:08pm

Welcome on the index of our Mandatory Valorant guides. Whether you're a beginner player or an expert, we have written a whole series of guides to help you progress in Valorant. This list of guides will evolve and enrich over time.

Valorant Introduction

Valorant : Presentation

Presentation of Valorant:
A Valorant presentation, its rules and bases.

valorant lexique

Valorant Lexicon:
A key terms lexicon you absolutely need to know to play Valorant.

Valorant : Radiant LP

Ranked Games:
A presentation of how ranked games work in Valorant.

Valorant : le Spike Rush

Spike Rush:
A presentation of the Spike Rush mode, a lighter a funnier mode than classic mode.

Playing in good conditions

Guide Valorant : Bien paramétrer Valorant

Properly setup Valorant:
We explain the optimal settings to have the best performances.

Valorant Graffiti Cible

Find your sensitivity:
A guide to help you find the perfect sensitivity for your play style.

Valorant : Les Techniques de Pro en Vidéo

Knowing Agents and Maps:
Consult Agents, Weapons and Maps presentations.

valorant guide débloquer personnages

Unlock Agents:
How to unlock Agents to fill your team compositions.

Guides avancés de tous les Agents

Maitriser les Agents de Valorant
Retrouvez un guide par Agent pour apprendre les différentes stratégies en Attaque et en Défense, et pour apprendre à utiliser leurs compétences.

Tactics and Strategy

Valorant : Teamplay

Teamplay and Roles:
The different roles within a team that players have to adopt for an efficient strategy.

Valorant Guide : Attaque et Defense

Attack and Defend, two different play styles:
The two game phases of Valorant are played in two different ways. Adapt your play style.

Valorant Guide : Économie

The Economy in Valorant:
The Economy is really important in Valorant. Let's see how to manage it.

Guide Valorant : La Communication

Communication and Pings:
An efficient and quick communication with your team is mandatory.

Guide Valorant : Tout savoir sur le Spike

Everything about the Spike:
Learn the different timings of the Spike: timings of plant, defuse, and explose.

Valorant One Way Tuto

The One-Way:
How tu use smokes to create ultra advantageous situations.

Improve your performances

Progresser dans Valorant : Introduction

Improvement introduction:
If you need to be coached regarding the bases of the basics, this guide will teach you the essential.

Guide Valorant : le Crosshair placement

Le crosshair placement :
Aiming well is more a matter of rigour than reflex. This is the crosshair placement principle.

Guide Valorant : Maitriser le Spray

Master the Spray:
Your weapons are less precise when you fire. Learn to master the dispersal.

Exercice pour Améliorer son AIM sur Valorant

Exercises to improve your AIM:
A series of exercises is essential to work on your reflexes and warm-up for a match.

Guide Valorant : le Strafe et le Contre Strafe

Movements, strafe and counter-strafe:
Moving well is essential to reach opponents without losing precision.

Guide Valorant : Le Perspective Advantage

The Perspective Advantage:
A few basics in geometry will make you much more efficient in your duels.

Guide Valorant : le préshot

The Pre-shot in Valorant:
Pre-shooting in Valorant will earn you kills very often without any special effort.

Valorant : Guide sur la Pénétration des Tirs à travers les murs

Shot penetration:
You don't need to see an opponent to kill them! Your shots pass through some obstacles.

Valorant : Progresser compétences

Abilities use:
Master the purchase and the timing of the abilities will make you use them more efficiently.

Valorant : Les Sons et le Bruit

Manage the sound against your opponent:
The sound can give your position away or give precious information on your opponents'.

Guide Valorant : le peeker advantage

The Peeker Advantage:
Aggressive players have a natural advantage over their opponents.

Practical Guides

Changer son Riot ID dans Valorant

Change your Riot ID:
Do you want to change your nickname or your team tag? Let's see how.

Valorant : Gagner de l'Expérience

Gain experience quickly:
Accumulating experience will make you able to unlock Agents and rewards.

Valorant - La Communauté qu'on mérite

Valorant Battle Pass:
Discover how the Valorant Battle Pass works and its many rewards.