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FC Glossary and Abbreviations 24

To make the most of FC 24it is necessary to understand all the vocabulary used in the game. General terms and expressions, Ultimate Team card abbreviations, player positions... we explain everything you need to know in this glossary.

Glossary and general abbreviations

In this first section, you'll find various terms and abbreviations commonly used in FC 24. You'll be able to enjoy the game more if you're familiar with them and know what they mean.

Buy/Sell : This is a method used in Ultimate Team to generate credits. The aim is to buy players' cards at low or reasonable prices in order to resell them at a higher price and make a profit. We explain everything in our guide to buying and selling in FC 24.

Team clashes : This is a game mode available in Ultimate Team. You take part in offline matches against teams of other users run by the FC 24 AI. There are rewards on offer.

DCE : Team-building challenges - This is a game mode available in Ultimate Team. You have to create specific teams, respecting certain conditions. If you succeed, you'll win prizes.

Division Rivals : This is a game mode available in Ultimate Team. You compete against other players in online games. As well as winning rewards, you can qualify for the Champions Playoffs.

Developments : FC 24 introduces upgrades to Ultimate Team mode. They allow you to upgrade player cards to increase statistics and improve a team's performance.

FUT : Fifa Ultimate Team, or UT for Ultimate Team, is a game mode in FC 24. More information is available at our dedicated guide.

FUT Champions : This is a game mode available in Ultimate Team. It takes place every weekend and brings together only the best players of the current week. Qualifying isn't easy, but the rewards are well worth it.

GEN : General - This is the general score associated with a player. It is visible in the top left-hand corner of Ultimate Team cards.

Hero/heroin : Some of the players featured in Ultimate Team receive this status because of their performances at national and international level. They have left their mark on football at some point.

Icons or Icons: These are simply legendary players who have left their mark on the history of football. In the game, these personalities are represented by a special white and gold card.

IF : In Form - When a player has shone in real life, he may be selected for the Team of the Week. If this is the case, he is said to be In Form. When a player is selected several times in a row, other designations appear: SIF (twice), TIF (three times) and FIF (four times).

Future Stars : The Futures Stars programme celebrates young football prodigies. Individuals who are selected for this title appear in-game with a special card - purple and gold - and their stats are enhanced.

Transfer market : This tab in Ultimate Team mode lets you buy and sell player cards to build up your dream XI.

OTW : Ones to Watch - This programme highlights the biggest transfers and therefore the players to watch. In-game ratings for the players concerned can change according to their performances in real life.

OVR : Overall Rating - This rating, visible on Ultimate Team mode maps, reflects a player's overall performance. You'll find more information in the next section.

PAC : Pace or Speed (VIT) - This score is the combination of two notes associated with a player: speed and acceleration.

Playoffs Champions : This is a game mode available in Ultimate Team. The best players in Division Rivals can qualify for this intermediate tournament and hope to take part in the FUT Champions.

POS : Position - A player's position is their role on the pitch.

POTM : Player of the Month - Every month, a player is awarded the title of Player of the Month in five different leagues: Ligue 1, La Liga, the Bundesliga, Serie A and the Premier League. FC 24 users can participate in their selection by voting on potm.esports.com

RTTK : Road To The Knockouts. This is an in-game event directly linked to the Champions League. The cards of a certain number of players can evolve according to their results in the competition.

Rulesbreakers or Rule Breakers. This title is given to players who, in real life, stand out thanks to their particular, out-of-the-ordinary style. These personalities appear in-game with a dedicated card - neon red and blue and with their stats boosted.

Game Style and Game Style+ : Styles of play are signature abilities that give players a bonus on the pitch. The + version is an advanced form of a Style of Play; in short, the bonus is greater. To find out more, see our guide to playing styles.

Personal tactics : Personal tactics are the way you set up your formation during a match and the instructions you give to your players. If you'd like to find out more about FC 24's best formations, take a look at our special guide to Personal Training and Tactics.

TOTGS : Team Of The Groups Stage. It features the best players in the European competitions - Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League. These players are available in-game with slightly improved characteristics compared to normal. They make up the Group Stage Team.

TOTS : Team Of The Season. At the end of the season, the best players from different leagues receive this title and are grouped together in the Team of the Season. These players appear in-game with an alternative map and boosted stats.

TOTW : Team Of The Week - Every week, a new team is introduced as the Team of the Week in Ultimate Team. The players in the team appear in the packs with a special card - black background - and boosted stats.

TOTY : Team Of The Year - At the end of the year, the best performing players in the world are awarded this title in Ultimate Team following a community vote, and form the Team Of The Year. The big winners are presented with a special card - blue and gold with crystals as decoration - and enhanced overall scores.

Abbreviations on FUT cards

The Ultimate Team mode cards give a huge amount of information about a player. For example, the number at the top left corresponds to the overall grade given to the individual (91 below). This is calculated on the basis of scores for six key characteristics. To be sure of a player's effectiveness, you need to be able to read the abbreviations used and understand what they refer to.

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VIT : Speed - Refers to the player's speed. The score is determined by the player's acceleration and speed.

SHOOTING : Shooting - Refers to the player's shooting ability. The score is determined by the player's marks in positioning, finishing, shooting power, long-range shots, volleying and penalties.

NOT : Passing - Refers to a player's passing ability. The score is determined by the player's marks for vista, crosses, free-kick accuracy, hard passes, long passes and effect.

DRI : Dribbling - Refers to the player's dribbling ability. The score is determined by the player's agility, balance, reactivity, composure, dribbling and ball control.

DEF : Defence - Refers to a player's defensive abilities. The score is determined by the player's marks in standing and sliding tackles, interceptions, defensive awareness and heading accuracy.

PHY : Physical - Refers to a player's physical fitness. The score is determined by the player's relaxation, endurance, strength and aggressiveness.

Position abbreviations

If you want to put together the best possible team, it's essential that you master the different roles of the players. A mistake in positioning could well cost you victory. In this section, you'll find all the French abbreviations for positions, as well as their English equivalents.

G : Goalkeeper (GK)

DD : Right-back (RB)

DLD : Right full-back (RWB)

DG : Left-back (LB)

DLG : Left full-back (LWB)

DC : Central defender (CB)

MD: Milieu Droit (RM)

MG: Milieu Gauche (LM)

MC : Central Midfield (CM in English)

MDC : Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM)

MOC : Central attacking midfielder (CAM)

AD : Right Winger (RW)

AG : Left Winger (LW)

AC : Forward Centre (CF in English)

AT : Attacker (CF)

BU : Scorer (ST in English)

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