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The Evolution of Cards in FUT - EA FC 24 Guide

The Evolution system is one of the biggest news of FUT introduced in FC 24. With them, you can transform any player into an international star, provided you have the patience, coins or FC Points to do so. In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about how Evolution works and how to optimise it using Evolution Chains.

How Evolution works and is used

As mentioned in the introduction, Evolution is a system that allows your player cards to gain statistics and increase their overall score. They can also gain new playing styles to your players, making them more effective and versatile on the pitch.

Technically, absolutely all the maps available in FUT can evolve, but we'll see that it's a little more complicated than that.

The same card can change several times and even though the maximum number of changes on a card is limited for the moment, this limit is set to increase over the course of the year.

The first upgrade is free. However, subsequent upgrades cost 50,000 credits or 1000 FC Points. In other words, you'd better be careful who you upgrade if you don't want to lose credits unnecessarily. Especially as you can't upgrade players whenever you want. You'll have to wait for the Upgrade Opportunities, which we'll talk about later.

Upgrading a card is not simply a matter of paying. When you start the process of upgrading a card, there are challenges to be met to validate your evolution. These challenges are specific to each player and the difficulty of the challenges increases with the level of evolution of your cards.

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Finally, there is one important piece of information to bear in mind before you start developing: an upgraded card cannot be resold or exchanged. Advanced players are also disqualified from team composition challenges. All the more reason to be careful about who you evolve.

Development opportunities

You can't upgrade player cards at any time. You'll have to wait for upgrade opportunities. An opportunity is a time when FC 24 will offer you the chance to upgrade one (and only one!) card. To evolve a card, you need to associate it with an opportunity, and you can only complete the evolution by completing the player's challenges.

While the challenges are different for each player, it is the evolution opportunities that determine the bonuses that the cards receive. Each opportunity to evolve earns you predefined stats to any player, whatever their level and basic statistics.

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Once you associate a player with a development opportunity, you can't go back. You can no longer remove him from this opportunity to benefit another card, nor trade him on the transfer market, nor use him in team composition challenges. Once the evolution has been completed or its timing has passed, the evolution opportunity disappears.

Players can take advantage of a number of development opportunities, including change several times. The maximum number of changes varies from player to player. This maximum number is likely to increase over the seasons.

Lastly, not all players can respond to all evolution opportunities. In fact, evolution opportunities are subject to a number of conditions that disqualify most cards. For example, evolution "Founder can only be filled by a Rare quality Buyer card with an overall score of between 75 and 83, with a maximum of 91 VIT, 85 PHY and 83 DRI.

FC 24 - Development opportunities

The Evolution Opportunities will change at the beginning of each month on FC 24. It's possible that other evolution opportunities will appear during the month thanks to different events.

Chains of Evolution

Since each upgrade increases a card's stats and each upgrade opportunity imposes conditions, it is important to optimise upgrades by building upgrade chains in the right order.

Take Emile Smith Rowe, for example:

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This is a player with an initial overall score of 78. With his stats, he could just as easily qualify for the opportunity to move up. "Welcome to Evolution than in "Relentless ally.

The evolution "Welcome to Evolution brings +1 to overall scoreas well as +1 VIT, +1 PAS, +1 DRI, +1 PHY. It can only be performed by players with an overall score of less than 80.

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The evolution "Relentless ally brings +6 overall markas well as +4 VIT, +7 TIR, +7 PAS, +7 DRI and the tireless style of play. It can only be played by players with a maximum overall score of 80.

If you develop Smith Rowe through evolution "Allier ImplacableHis overall mark will fall to 84, meaning that he will not be able to complete "Welcome to Evolution.

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On the other hand, starting with "Welcome to Evolutionthe score will rise to 79, making it eligible for a new upgrade thanks to "Allier ImplacableThis will give it an overall score of 85, so it will benefit from the bonuses provided by the two upgrades.

L'Card evolution in FUT - Guide EA FC 24 - mandatory fc24 guides evolution smith base -
L'Card evolution in FUT - Guide EA FC 24 - mandatory fc24 guides evolution smith welcome -
L'Card Evolution in FUT - EA FC 24 Guide - mandatory fc24 guides evolution smith relentless welcome -

Which players to develop first

There are two ways to benefit from the evolution system. You can see it as a way of optimising your line-up to produce the strongest team, or as a way of making your favourite players viable, whatever their overall grade.

To be honest, the development system is such that you can't really predict how far players will go, especially those at a very high level. Our advice is to develop the players you care about and have fun creating your own dream team.

But if your aim is to win, you'll soon be able to find our guide to the best players to develop.

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